Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals

For the 2012 year I've been working and thinking about some new goals I would like to set for myself. I set some at the beginning of the fall semester and kept track of them and that seemed to work for me. So here it is, my goals for the new coming year!
1. Become more adventurous
This past semester I felt like I probably spent too much time at home. Now that did pay off for excellent grades which I'm pleased with, but I feel like I have no stories to tell from this year. It is time I get out of this shell I created and go on more adventures. Here's to saying yes more!

Source: Kate Spade New York

2. Better grades
This is just going to need some discipline from myself. I have a tough course load this next semester so I'm going to have to work hard, but play hard too.
Source: Kate Spade New York

3. Study my Bible more & deeper.
This always seems to be a personal goal but I've never written it down. Hopefully by writing it down I will become more diligent in my studies. My boy is highly intelligent when it comes to the Word, so I feel like I need to step my game up a little. 
4. Drink more H2O.
I know I'm suppose to drink about 9 cups = 56 oz of water a day. Well, I drink about 12 and call it quits. I must drink more water. I'm sure my skin will love it during this winter months.
5. Floss
I bet my dentist will love this one! Ha!
6. Read more books
My goal is read 52 books in 2012. Thats one book per week. I know this is doable since I can fly through books some days. With the help of my Goodreads account hopefully I can stay motivated and keep track. Let me know if you have some recommendations!!
7. Update my blog more often
While I'm at home on breaks it is so easy for me to write, but as school I forget. I have a list of blogs I read every morning before I start my day, but most often I neglect my own. So heres to more adventures to share with my readers!
8. Write more letters. 
Over the year I've collected quite the beauitful stationery stack, but I haven't written much on any of it. So I hope to write my family and friends more often throughout this next year.

Source: Pinterest
9. Indulge.
Whether this be with food (aka more pasta and chocolate) or windown shopping. It's time I work hard and treat myself respectfully. Perhaps more pedicures, or a night at the theatre! Add more friends to my list even. Whatever it is, I want to indulge more in life.
10. Fall in love more with my boy.I've been extremely blessed with this one. I don't know what I've done but I must be on God's good graces when He set me up with this one. 2012 will mark year 5 for us. Hard to believe! And yet were so young! He's the best high school and college sweetheart. I can't go a day without talking to him. My best friend and confidant. I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

There you have it! Miraculously I got it down to 10!! What are your new goals for this year? What are your plans to celebrate another year of life? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Linking up yet again today..hehe..I love this!!

Okay what I'm currently loving..

The fact that in *TWO* days I will be in Atlanta, Georgia for a little of this..

and a little of this..

SMB & I this summer..

My big Christmas surprise was two tickets to see Zac Brown Band in Atlanta for New Years Eve. I knew my parents were up to something, but I couldn't imagine this!! So on Saturday me, my dear friend SMB, my parents, an uncle & aunt are headed to the big ATL!! We're all set with our NYE hats, noisemakers, and sparkly clothes.  Now, it was hard to explain to the boy that yet again (we've only spent one NYE together in like the past 5 years) we would not be ringing in the new year together. He was upset, and so was I. I felt to bad. But he's okay with it, because on Monday we're leaving for Atlanta together anyways! Yay!! 
Here is what I plan on wearing for the night

with ..

Eeeek I'm so excited!!!

What are you doing for the New Year?!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 5 of 2011

Just Peachy

I'm linking up for the first time with Rachel over at Just Peachy for the Top 5 Tuesday, I finally got in on the last one! Anyways this was super hard to narrow down but I tried.

1. Movie
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Ok, I might be biased because it's one of the most recent movies I have seen. But, still it was unbelievably good!! It's been a week since I've seen it & we're all still talking about it! Now there were many other great movies too, like Bridesmaids. That one is still making me laugh, especially this part...

2. TV Show
This one is kinda hard for me since I don't watch tv much anymore, I prefer to read in my spare time. My eyes start to feel pain after staring at a screen all day so books help me to relieve that. However, I always still catch the Kardashians. Ever since the show started I've been a devoted fan. I know, its ridiculous, but that's why I love it! No matter what, the boy and I will always stop  to watch it if it's on tv.

3. Song
Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way

No matter what, this song makes me soooo happy! It always buts a little dance in my step. I can't get enough of it!! I love when it comes on my Pandora, because then I'm blasting it away. It is without a doubt my go to power song/happy song/study song. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

4.Thing that happened
This one is soooo hard to choose!!! 
I would have to say my second visit to visit my boy at school. It was a sepctacular weekend getaway in which I met some really awesome people! We had the best time hanging out, & just spending our time together (which is really hard to do during school because of the distance). 

5. Christmas Present
It's a tie. 

First up, my Kate Spade bangle my boy got me. Seriously was dying over this bangle for months!! And when I finally got to unwrap that cute little bow tied box I was beyond thrilled!!

And second.. my Kate Spade tote in modern red..
My mom spotted this bag back in October when she was shopping and said unfortunately the store wouldn't take her credit card since she was out of state and it looked suspicous. (Dear credit card company, never refuse my mother service at a Kate Spade store, I trust you it's not suspicous activity) Anyways, she was lying and had really bought me the purse for Christmas, yippee!! Literally cried when I unwrapped the box and there laid my perfect dream purse. No exaggeration, seriously I cried. Aaah, I love this bag.

Here is the picture from my instagram..

Overall this year was amazing!! I'll be doing a more extensive review later when I have more time. Sheesh I've been busy the past few days. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!
May you have a wonderful day filled with cheer & good memories with family!
And may we take this time to remember the savior that came and saved us all!!

Also a special thank you for the men & women who are working 

today to protect my freedom!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holly Jolly Swap

This was my first time partaking in a blogger swap, and I loved it! I joined up with AshleyCrystal, & Emily for the Holly Jolly Swap. Back in November they e-mailed all those who wanted to participate with survey that would be sent to your secret santa. I had so much fun receiving cute Christmas cards from the girls and thinking of things to send my secret santa! At the first of the month I recieved my Christmas card from my secret santa, who lives in Boston. It was hilarious trying to explain to my mom why I was receiving a card from Boston when I clearly don't know anybody from there. Once she understood though she loved it. Well a few days ago I got my gift in the mail. I was so excited to open it. I had Elena from Pink Zin! She spoiled me with gifts!! Thank you Elena!!

She sent me a Lilly make-up bag, koozie, and tree ornament!! My current make-up bag was about to bit the dust so I was thrilled to have a new one, and a Lilly one at that! And I'm always looking to extend my koozie collection. I hope to do something like this again next year because I had so much fun!! Thanks Ashley, Crystal, & Emily for putting this together!! :-)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Date

Last night my boyfriend and I went on our annual Christmas date. We do this every year a couple of days before Christmas, where we get all dressed up and enjoy a dinner and some Christmas lights just the two of us, no phones. This year since we were joining my mother for a candlelight service we stayed local. We enjoyed an Italian dinner at a restaurant downtown, Machievellis. They had all of their Christmas decorations out and it was so charming.

Here is us in front of their Christmas tree.

The boy ordered spaghetti, I think he was going for a lady and the tramp feel ;)

And I ordered the manicotti. (It looks weird in the picture but was actually delicous!)

After dinner we had some time to spare before the candlelight service. I needed some hot cocoa so we went over to our downtown bakery. One of my friends was working, and she whipped me up the most delicous hot chocolate I think I've ever had! She added homemade whip cream to it and that really topped it off. Once I had my chocolate fix we went over to the town's Christmas tree. (Theres a ceremonious tree lighting every year for it, but I haven't been since high school when I had to preform for it) When we got out of the car at the tree we then notice nacho cheese, yes nacho cheese, had been smeared all over the side of my hunnys car. This had to be the funniest thing to happen all night. 

After visiting the tree it was time for the candlelight service. It was so beauitfully done and I'm so glad we went to this specific church for the service. Also attending with my mom was fun, we haven't been able to go together in such a long time. The church was super sweet and had a little dinner prepared for after the service. We enjoyed little finger sandwhiches before continuing on with our date. Which it wouldn't be a date without me indulging in some frozen yogurt, which means Sweet Frogs for me!! It was delicous as always. To finish the night we drove through several neighbors in search of some Christmas lights. There were so many pretty lights. It always warms my heart to see all of the old homes on my street done up so perfectly. Once we arrived home it was present time, my favorite time!!
 This year I got the boy a Vineyard vines candy cane bowtie, which he received at our family party on Saturday so he could wear tonight, he picked this gift out. And I had my parents pick up a Vineyard vines hat for him when they went to Georgetown in the fall, where they also purchased him a t-shirt from them, so sweet! Along with his hat he got a Smathers and  Branson key chain, and some new koozies and croakies. I think he was happy ;-) This year after many hints (wink wink) I got the Kate Spade "This is the year to..." bangle. Oh boy was I happy to see that little box! Its so cute and perfect and goes well with my stack.

The boys parents also gave me my pressies last night. In which I got OPI's strawberry margarita, hooray!, some new chapstick, fuzzy socks, and a giftcard to Starbucks. I loved my pressies and can't wait to use them. I am such a spoiled girl and know this. I'm beyond thankful for the gifts and people who love me. And also for the ability to give gifts too. This year has been a good one to me, and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has bestowed upon me.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas eve eve eve!! ;-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

Tonight I met up with friends from school, and we went out to dinner & a movie to celebrate a 21st birthday! We had burgers at Fuddruckers, which I had never eaten there before. I loved it! The burger was a bit pricey, but delicious, and I loved that they had a condiment bar in the middle. Who doesn't love cheese fries?! After dinner we saw The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Holy moly was this movie good!! Definitely a bit awkward at moments, considering I was the only girl in the group, but so so soooo good!! I've never read the book and would love to hear y'alls thoughts on it. I don't know if my imagination could handle all of that (its going to be hard impossible to sleep tonight).  However, I would love to see the other movies, although they are in Swedish. If you want a good movie to see, I highly recommend this! Don't let the length of it scare you, because we didn't realize how long it actually was till we left. I think the next movie on our list is Sherlock Holmes 2.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ice Skating!

Last night the boy and I met up with some friends from my school that happen to live in the next town over. It was so great to see everyone again and hanging out post finals at home. Now, I'm all for ice skating, I love it! The boy..not so much. It was like pulling teeth y'all getting him to go, get in the car, and lace up his skates. Felt like I was dragging a child with me, seriously pulling teeth here. But guess what, he laced up those skates, got on the ice and was like a pro! Turns out someone isn't so bad after all and had a fun time. #Winning So now we get to go ice skating more, hooray!! After we went through our race tracks lights. I love looking at the lights every year and listening along to the music. It's really the most wonderful time of the year!! Anyways here are some pictures from the evening :)

The boy & Me

Look at him go!! :)

So happy

Well I'm off to work. Family is arriving tonight!! So excited to spend the weekend with them celebrating!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals are over!!

Hooray!! Finals are over and I'm home sweet home. I packed up Saturday & headed home! Since then I have been super lazy hanging out at home, working at Bath & Body, and enjoying my time with my family. It has been a wonderful thing.  And knowing that I did my best this semester, my best semester yet, this break is much needed and will be enjoyed to the fullest! Later today my boy comes home, and we can finally start our Christmas movie list. Here's whats up on our Christmas Movie Marathon...

1. Home Alone 2
2. Elf
3. Santa Clause
4. Christmas with the Kranks
5. Its A Wonderful Life
6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
7. ALL claymation movies
8. Four Christmases
9. Miracle on 34th Street
10. A Charlie Brown Christmas
11. Frosty!
12. The Holiday
13. The Polar Express
And many more..

What movies are you watching? What should I add to my list??

Only 12 days left!! :-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My finals mug

I am obssessed with Kate Spade. Its really bad. Especially since a college student's budget doesn't not allow for many Kate Spade purchases, but that doesn't mean I spend a little bit of time on the website every day reading blogs, and checking out the newest arrivals. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was in our mall's Belk home section just walking around chatting with my mom on the phone having her convince me not to purchase anything. Since Christmas is so so so close I really don't need to buy anything for myself. Well I came across the darling Kate Spade china collection. Oh wow, I want it all!! But I was a good girl and left the store empty handed. Still feeling the need to spend though, I popped into TJ Maxx, and low and behold I found the same Kate Spade mug I had just seen at the mall, for only $12!! (I know this is still a little pricey for a coffee mug, but come on I still saved) Anyways, I love my mug! It makes me smile everytime I take a sip of coffee out of it. Its such a great bright cheeriness in the middle of finals. And of course a girl needs a wonderful coffee mug to sip out during the dreaded finals.

I only have one final tomorrow, my hardest ugh, but then I'm done done done!! Yippee!!

Continue studying hard y'all, for it is a privilege after all. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finals Week Presents!!

Finals are upon on us now, and well have been for a week. I am down to my last final, (hooray!), but my hardest.ugh. On Sunday, my parents came through town and dropped off some goodies. Back in the fall, they bought my roommates and I all stockings with our initials on them, see here. Each of our stockings were filled with great care, I think anyways. And here is what my had..

1. Jingle Bellini shower gel
2. Hershey's Bliss chocolate..melt in your mouth goodness
3. Menchies giftcard..yay fro yo!
4. Post its
5. Essies Absolutely shore!..perfect for finals
6. Some new pens

It was great to take a break from studying & catch up and eat dinner with my parents. Now its back to studying I go, my final is Thursday so I want to make sure I'm extra prepared. 
Happy Finals!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Breakfast Food

Hi readers!! If you don't know I am in charge of our college groups breakfast on Sunday mornings. I am in desperate need of some ideas of what to make for breakfast THIS Sunday. We are having our final service with all of there before we head home for the holidays.Yippee!! There ranges about 70 of us and with it being our Christmas serivce I'm sure there will be lots more! So if you have any recipes I am in need!! Thanks!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Well, this break was exactly what I needed!! Heres a quick little recap

Tuesday- Arrived home late that evening to enjoy some solid family time.

Wednesday- Worked a shift and then went off on a date with my man. Our Longhorns had just opened up and you can read about how much I love it here. We then did a little browsing, and ended the night with some ice cream.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! I made sure to wake up in time to enjoy all of the parade. It is one my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. I spent the morning preparing oreo balls for my work's potluck and then headed over to my beau's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We had such a fun time together. His family is so entertaining. We left their home, and had dinner at my parent's home. After dinner we watched Santa Clause & then it was off to bed early for me! I had to be at work at 4:45 AM!! Aaaah!!!

Friday- Up early and off to work I went! The morning crowd wasn't that bad this year & I actually enjoyed my morning! It was fun keeping everyone upbeat and smiling. After work I did a little bit of my shopping and managed to pick up my mother's present. Then I joined my boy. We eventually ended up watching a few movies on t.v and just haning out. Later that evening we joined his grandparents for dinner. They have become our favorite couple to double date with. Always guaranteed laughter and good times with them two.

Today- I did my last work shift and spent the entire afternoon lounging. It felt so nice to just stay in for the night after being so busy! The beau came over for dinner and the family spent the night decorating for Christmas. This is my absolute favorite tradition of Thanksgiving. I love the excitement of brining out our favorite decorations. And my man is talented at lighting trees we found out ;)

So sad to be returning to school, but its only for two weeks...eeek! At this time in two weeks no more classes for me! So excited! I can't wait to be home without school on my mind.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday weekend?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Noodles & Company

Today Noodles & Company opened up on our campus. I've heard many great things about this place and was eager to try it out. After learning that the first 50 guests receive a free gift, I had to go! The restaurant offers a variety of noodles from American, to Mediterranean. I opted to stick with what I know and ordered the Wisconsin Cheese, which is their best seller.

I enjoyed it, plus the service was very welcoming. I didn't expected to be waited on, considering you order at the counter and get your own drink. But when the girl delivered my food to me and offered a refill I was really pleased. 
Oh and my goodies!
I recieved a t-shirt, a menu, and some coupons to use in the future. I definitely think I will be returning to Noodles & Company again. 
Have you ever had it? What do you order?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating!

Christmas decorating, one of my favorite things to do after Thanksgiving. But being at school, we only have two weeks here till we return home. Since we have small amount of time to enjoy our Christmas decorations I have fully dressed our apartment. Yesterday my mom came into town and we went searching for decorations. From hobby lobby to Target we covered all of the spots. (Tip Hobby Lobby has Christmas decoration 50% off now!) 
This was my first time decorating a tree all by myself and I think I did pretty well. 
Here are my results! :)



Our stockings

And our little snowmen that we found. 
I'm so excited about going home next week to start the holiday season with my family and friends!!
Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Top Five

Okay, today I'm linking up with Just Peachy and doing my top five nail polishes! I have started the somewhat extensive nail polish collection since the beginning of college. ( Side note: During high school I was involved in sports that wouldn't allow your nails to be painted, so I'm making up for lost time ) To pick my favorite five is difficult but I think I can narrow it down!

First pick is Angora Cardi. I wear this during the fall. I only bought it last year and I'm almost out of the bottle because it is a favorite among me and my friends. Guess I'll just have to find something as fabulous to replace it! ;-)

Turquoise & caicos
I got this one this spring, and the boy was super nervous about it. But the great thing is he loooved it on and its his choice, that is if he decided on what polish I wear haha! Honestly the best bright pick me up nail polish I have. Its an instant mood lifter.
Limo scene
This is my go to color for events. Its super natural and can go with anything! I wore it for formal in the spring & to a wedding this summer and it was just the right touch to my dresses.

Chubby Cheeks
This is one I bout last fall as well. Its a cute fall, but bright color.

And my absolute favorite...
Cute as a button
This one seems to be a favorite among many. Pink is my signature color, I was once asked if I wore pink everyday, yeah its that bad. Whenever I can't decide what color to wear this is the one I tend to fall back on.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!

(PS None of these pictures are mine)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Sunday

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday!
May the Lord bless you, and guide you along 
throughout the week! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Lately I've been pulling different outfits together and actually have managed to snap a few pics! Here's what I've been wearing lately.

Halloween outfit


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

David Crowder Concert + First LU Game

Hello all!!

Wow fall has finally arrived, and I believe winter is going to be here before we know it! Brrrrr. I'm not to fond of winter, unless there is snow, and my man to snuggle up next to.

In my latest happenings I got to attend a David Crowder Band concert Friday evening. It was amazing!! I drove home Thursday, and then met up with my boy at his school friday afternoon. We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed over to the concert, which was convienently on his campus ;-) We spent the evening rocking out and praising our Lord. David Crowder has released some new bluegrass and Christmas and they are sooooo good!!! I really enjoyed the concert. I purchased the Illuminate cd on Friday and definitely reccomend it. There are some great worship songs on it.

On Saturday we got to do some wonderful fall activities. We woke up Saturday (which by the way, waking up only a few buildings down from my boy has to be such a comforting thought) and headed straight to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I had a the meat n biscuits with apple butter of course! And can't forget their hashbrown casserole. Yummm. After we did some browsing in the mall, it was time for fall and Christmas scented car freshners for us. We then made our way back to campus. With it being a game day I'm use to the normal chaos here in Knoxville, but at Liberty it is so peaceful!! Seriously, so.many.parking.spaces. You have to get your parking space on Friday night if you want to park on campus here! Crazy! Anyways, we walked around campus, took in the sights of some tailgaters, and browsed the bookstore. Where my boy got his picture taken with the college pastor, Johnnie Moore. He recently had his book Honestly released. I can't wait to read the boy's copy. Johnnie even personally signed it for him! Such a great man of God!

After the bookstore we made our way into the stadium. Another thing about going to a football game that is not in Knoxville, wow their stadium is small and quiet! The volume of Neyland no longer affects me, but dang we are so loud in comparison. Also, being in a student section where I'm not afraid a drunk person will spit/throw up on me, and I can sit if my feet become tired is so so so incredibly nice! During the third quarter we left to enjoy the sunset on top of the mountain at the lodge. It was such a nice view, and the lodge is so pretty. They have their own ski slope at his school, so we got to watch some snow boarders and skiiers.

After the sunset we hung around a bit before meeting up with some sweet dear friends. We all enjoyed a nice long conversation and dinner and concluded the evening with fro yo of course. It was such a blissful weekend in all. The boy spoiled me rotten and took such good care of me, like every whim I had he made happen. aaah. I can't wait to go back!! Although it looks like it going to be spring before that happens.

Only two weeks till Thanksgiving break!! Eeek!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Away


This pass weekend I finally finally finally got to see my beloved boy. After yet another month a part it was so wonderful to see him. So lemme give you a recap :)

I woke up went to class, and drove my self on home. I joined my mother, we picked a sweet friend a birthday present, and then I had to do my training for Bath and Body Works. I've worked there for now three Christmases in a row! I love it! Seriously, the sweetest team to work with. And the company is so wonderful. Training was a breeze and I got to scope out some future holiday gifts ;) After training my mother retrieved me with Pals sweet tea, ah she knows me too well. Then we headed on over to our favorite Ulta store. This girl has a nail polish addiction so I had to pick up some more! Then we stopped at Target for some necessities (aka stocking up on pumpkin spice coffee) and Khols to purchase my apartment's christmas tree a cute little skirt. I can't wait to decorate!! Then we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cheddars. I just absolutely love that place. Then we met up with the birthday girl and her family at Sweet Frogs. I. Love. Fro Yo. Yummm. And Frogs stands for Forever Rely On God, how cute!! Then it was early to bed for me as I was seeing my boy the next day!!

I woke up early and hit the road by 8. A quick three hour drive later and I was back where I'm suppose to be, right in my boys arms. It was such a sweet reunion. Being in a long distance relationship does have benefits, like when you see each other for the first time in so long, its like falling in love all over again. aaaah. Okay, so I had to tour my sweet boy's college town, which is soooo different from Knoxville. Think cute charming small town, but not really small, haha. The first stop of the day was the farmers market. So many yummy things, I wanted to eat it all but held back. We did some antiquing and then had lunch at the cutest tea room. It was the tea room's 100 year anniversary so that was fun to be a part of. And the wait staff sang so beautifullly! I was in love.

We ordered chicken salad, and I've never had chicken salad like this before. It was served on a little spinach salad with all kinds of fresh fruit, and the tea room's signature cheddar biscuits. Yummmy!! I wish I was back there now.

After we headed to the mall to peruse a bit. We went to the school's monogram on the mountain that evening. The view was incredible up there. And we spent the evening just relaxing with each other before I drove home. I can't wait to go back and see him again in just two weeks! Ah be still my heart.

Okay Sunday..
Today I got to spend the entire day with my mother shopping. We headed to Boone, NC to do some fall shopping for me. This was much needed and I finally got some penny loafers, jeans, and a few sweaters. Such a successful day! And the weather, plus the leaves this weekend were gorgeous!! It couldn't have been more perfect. Before I headed back tonight my mother made sure I had a good home cooked meal, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and crecent rolls. I feel like I ate allll weekend long, but it was all so good!! Now its time to prepare for the week, ugh this is gonna be hard after such a wonderful weekend!! 
What did you do this weekend?