Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My finals mug

I am obssessed with Kate Spade. Its really bad. Especially since a college student's budget doesn't not allow for many Kate Spade purchases, but that doesn't mean I spend a little bit of time on the website every day reading blogs, and checking out the newest arrivals. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was in our mall's Belk home section just walking around chatting with my mom on the phone having her convince me not to purchase anything. Since Christmas is so so so close I really don't need to buy anything for myself. Well I came across the darling Kate Spade china collection. Oh wow, I want it all!! But I was a good girl and left the store empty handed. Still feeling the need to spend though, I popped into TJ Maxx, and low and behold I found the same Kate Spade mug I had just seen at the mall, for only $12!! (I know this is still a little pricey for a coffee mug, but come on I still saved) Anyways, I love my mug! It makes me smile everytime I take a sip of coffee out of it. Its such a great bright cheeriness in the middle of finals. And of course a girl needs a wonderful coffee mug to sip out during the dreaded finals.

I only have one final tomorrow, my hardest ugh, but then I'm done done done!! Yippee!!

Continue studying hard y'all, for it is a privilege after all. :)


  1. Wow! What an awesome find! I love Kate Spade and I'm definitely on a college girl's budget so I have to contain myself by not looking on the website, because it just makes me want everything!! I'm having a giveaway, go check it out and enter to win lots of goodies! :)

  2. def a gr8 mug!!!good luck with the final!!!

  3. cute mug! My finals start tomorrow, but I'm not done until Thursday morning! good luck

  4. I found this mug at TJmaxx too! So cute. I am deciding whether to gift it or to keep it!