Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Top Five

Okay, today I'm linking up with Just Peachy and doing my top five nail polishes! I have started the somewhat extensive nail polish collection since the beginning of college. ( Side note: During high school I was involved in sports that wouldn't allow your nails to be painted, so I'm making up for lost time ) To pick my favorite five is difficult but I think I can narrow it down!

First pick is Angora Cardi. I wear this during the fall. I only bought it last year and I'm almost out of the bottle because it is a favorite among me and my friends. Guess I'll just have to find something as fabulous to replace it! ;-)

Turquoise & caicos
I got this one this spring, and the boy was super nervous about it. But the great thing is he loooved it on and its his choice, that is if he decided on what polish I wear haha! Honestly the best bright pick me up nail polish I have. Its an instant mood lifter.
Limo scene
This is my go to color for events. Its super natural and can go with anything! I wore it for formal in the spring & to a wedding this summer and it was just the right touch to my dresses.

Chubby Cheeks
This is one I bout last fall as well. Its a cute fall, but bright color.

And my absolute favorite...
Cute as a button
This one seems to be a favorite among many. Pink is my signature color, I was once asked if I wore pink everyday, yeah its that bad. Whenever I can't decide what color to wear this is the one I tend to fall back on.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!

(PS None of these pictures are mine)

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  1. Pink is also my signature color! About 90% of the time, a shade of pink is on my nails.

    XO -Becca