Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Breakfast Food

Hi readers!! If you don't know I am in charge of our college groups breakfast on Sunday mornings. I am in desperate need of some ideas of what to make for breakfast THIS Sunday. We are having our final service with all of there before we head home for the holidays.Yippee!! There ranges about 70 of us and with it being our Christmas serivce I'm sure there will be lots more! So if you have any recipes I am in need!! Thanks!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Well, this break was exactly what I needed!! Heres a quick little recap

Tuesday- Arrived home late that evening to enjoy some solid family time.

Wednesday- Worked a shift and then went off on a date with my man. Our Longhorns had just opened up and you can read about how much I love it here. We then did a little browsing, and ended the night with some ice cream.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! I made sure to wake up in time to enjoy all of the parade. It is one my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. I spent the morning preparing oreo balls for my work's potluck and then headed over to my beau's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We had such a fun time together. His family is so entertaining. We left their home, and had dinner at my parent's home. After dinner we watched Santa Clause & then it was off to bed early for me! I had to be at work at 4:45 AM!! Aaaah!!!

Friday- Up early and off to work I went! The morning crowd wasn't that bad this year & I actually enjoyed my morning! It was fun keeping everyone upbeat and smiling. After work I did a little bit of my shopping and managed to pick up my mother's present. Then I joined my boy. We eventually ended up watching a few movies on t.v and just haning out. Later that evening we joined his grandparents for dinner. They have become our favorite couple to double date with. Always guaranteed laughter and good times with them two.

Today- I did my last work shift and spent the entire afternoon lounging. It felt so nice to just stay in for the night after being so busy! The beau came over for dinner and the family spent the night decorating for Christmas. This is my absolute favorite tradition of Thanksgiving. I love the excitement of brining out our favorite decorations. And my man is talented at lighting trees we found out ;)

So sad to be returning to school, but its only for two weeks...eeek! At this time in two weeks no more classes for me! So excited! I can't wait to be home without school on my mind.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday weekend?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Noodles & Company

Today Noodles & Company opened up on our campus. I've heard many great things about this place and was eager to try it out. After learning that the first 50 guests receive a free gift, I had to go! The restaurant offers a variety of noodles from American, to Mediterranean. I opted to stick with what I know and ordered the Wisconsin Cheese, which is their best seller.

I enjoyed it, plus the service was very welcoming. I didn't expected to be waited on, considering you order at the counter and get your own drink. But when the girl delivered my food to me and offered a refill I was really pleased. 
Oh and my goodies!
I recieved a t-shirt, a menu, and some coupons to use in the future. I definitely think I will be returning to Noodles & Company again. 
Have you ever had it? What do you order?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating!

Christmas decorating, one of my favorite things to do after Thanksgiving. But being at school, we only have two weeks here till we return home. Since we have small amount of time to enjoy our Christmas decorations I have fully dressed our apartment. Yesterday my mom came into town and we went searching for decorations. From hobby lobby to Target we covered all of the spots. (Tip Hobby Lobby has Christmas decoration 50% off now!) 
This was my first time decorating a tree all by myself and I think I did pretty well. 
Here are my results! :)



Our stockings

And our little snowmen that we found. 
I'm so excited about going home next week to start the holiday season with my family and friends!!
Happy Weekend!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Top Five

Okay, today I'm linking up with Just Peachy and doing my top five nail polishes! I have started the somewhat extensive nail polish collection since the beginning of college. ( Side note: During high school I was involved in sports that wouldn't allow your nails to be painted, so I'm making up for lost time ) To pick my favorite five is difficult but I think I can narrow it down!

First pick is Angora Cardi. I wear this during the fall. I only bought it last year and I'm almost out of the bottle because it is a favorite among me and my friends. Guess I'll just have to find something as fabulous to replace it! ;-)

Turquoise & caicos
I got this one this spring, and the boy was super nervous about it. But the great thing is he loooved it on and its his choice, that is if he decided on what polish I wear haha! Honestly the best bright pick me up nail polish I have. Its an instant mood lifter.
Limo scene
This is my go to color for events. Its super natural and can go with anything! I wore it for formal in the spring & to a wedding this summer and it was just the right touch to my dresses.

Chubby Cheeks
This is one I bout last fall as well. Its a cute fall, but bright color.

And my absolute favorite...
Cute as a button
This one seems to be a favorite among many. Pink is my signature color, I was once asked if I wore pink everyday, yeah its that bad. Whenever I can't decide what color to wear this is the one I tend to fall back on.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!

(PS None of these pictures are mine)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Sunday

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday!
May the Lord bless you, and guide you along 
throughout the week! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Lately I've been pulling different outfits together and actually have managed to snap a few pics! Here's what I've been wearing lately.

Halloween outfit


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

David Crowder Concert + First LU Game

Hello all!!

Wow fall has finally arrived, and I believe winter is going to be here before we know it! Brrrrr. I'm not to fond of winter, unless there is snow, and my man to snuggle up next to.

In my latest happenings I got to attend a David Crowder Band concert Friday evening. It was amazing!! I drove home Thursday, and then met up with my boy at his school friday afternoon. We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed over to the concert, which was convienently on his campus ;-) We spent the evening rocking out and praising our Lord. David Crowder has released some new bluegrass and Christmas and they are sooooo good!!! I really enjoyed the concert. I purchased the Illuminate cd on Friday and definitely reccomend it. There are some great worship songs on it.

On Saturday we got to do some wonderful fall activities. We woke up Saturday (which by the way, waking up only a few buildings down from my boy has to be such a comforting thought) and headed straight to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I had a the meat n biscuits with apple butter of course! And can't forget their hashbrown casserole. Yummm. After we did some browsing in the mall, it was time for fall and Christmas scented car freshners for us. We then made our way back to campus. With it being a game day I'm use to the normal chaos here in Knoxville, but at Liberty it is so peaceful!! Seriously, so.many.parking.spaces. You have to get your parking space on Friday night if you want to park on campus here! Crazy! Anyways, we walked around campus, took in the sights of some tailgaters, and browsed the bookstore. Where my boy got his picture taken with the college pastor, Johnnie Moore. He recently had his book Honestly released. I can't wait to read the boy's copy. Johnnie even personally signed it for him! Such a great man of God!

After the bookstore we made our way into the stadium. Another thing about going to a football game that is not in Knoxville, wow their stadium is small and quiet! The volume of Neyland no longer affects me, but dang we are so loud in comparison. Also, being in a student section where I'm not afraid a drunk person will spit/throw up on me, and I can sit if my feet become tired is so so so incredibly nice! During the third quarter we left to enjoy the sunset on top of the mountain at the lodge. It was such a nice view, and the lodge is so pretty. They have their own ski slope at his school, so we got to watch some snow boarders and skiiers.

After the sunset we hung around a bit before meeting up with some sweet dear friends. We all enjoyed a nice long conversation and dinner and concluded the evening with fro yo of course. It was such a blissful weekend in all. The boy spoiled me rotten and took such good care of me, like every whim I had he made happen. aaah. I can't wait to go back!! Although it looks like it going to be spring before that happens.

Only two weeks till Thanksgiving break!! Eeek!!