Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finals Week Presents!!

Finals are upon on us now, and well have been for a week. I am down to my last final, (hooray!), but my hardest.ugh. On Sunday, my parents came through town and dropped off some goodies. Back in the fall, they bought my roommates and I all stockings with our initials on them, see here. Each of our stockings were filled with great care, I think anyways. And here is what my had..

1. Jingle Bellini shower gel
2. Hershey's Bliss chocolate..melt in your mouth goodness
3. Menchies giftcard..yay fro yo!
4. Post its
5. Essies Absolutely shore!..perfect for finals
6. Some new pens

It was great to take a break from studying & catch up and eat dinner with my parents. Now its back to studying I go, my final is Thursday so I want to make sure I'm extra prepared. 
Happy Finals!!


  1. How fun! I wish my parents would send me some goodies :) Good luck on your last final!

  2. Those pens are my favorite. For some reason they write better than any other pen!