Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Away


This pass weekend I finally finally finally got to see my beloved boy. After yet another month a part it was so wonderful to see him. So lemme give you a recap :)

I woke up went to class, and drove my self on home. I joined my mother, we picked a sweet friend a birthday present, and then I had to do my training for Bath and Body Works. I've worked there for now three Christmases in a row! I love it! Seriously, the sweetest team to work with. And the company is so wonderful. Training was a breeze and I got to scope out some future holiday gifts ;) After training my mother retrieved me with Pals sweet tea, ah she knows me too well. Then we headed on over to our favorite Ulta store. This girl has a nail polish addiction so I had to pick up some more! Then we stopped at Target for some necessities (aka stocking up on pumpkin spice coffee) and Khols to purchase my apartment's christmas tree a cute little skirt. I can't wait to decorate!! Then we had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Cheddars. I just absolutely love that place. Then we met up with the birthday girl and her family at Sweet Frogs. I. Love. Fro Yo. Yummm. And Frogs stands for Forever Rely On God, how cute!! Then it was early to bed for me as I was seeing my boy the next day!!

I woke up early and hit the road by 8. A quick three hour drive later and I was back where I'm suppose to be, right in my boys arms. It was such a sweet reunion. Being in a long distance relationship does have benefits, like when you see each other for the first time in so long, its like falling in love all over again. aaaah. Okay, so I had to tour my sweet boy's college town, which is soooo different from Knoxville. Think cute charming small town, but not really small, haha. The first stop of the day was the farmers market. So many yummy things, I wanted to eat it all but held back. We did some antiquing and then had lunch at the cutest tea room. It was the tea room's 100 year anniversary so that was fun to be a part of. And the wait staff sang so beautifullly! I was in love.

We ordered chicken salad, and I've never had chicken salad like this before. It was served on a little spinach salad with all kinds of fresh fruit, and the tea room's signature cheddar biscuits. Yummmy!! I wish I was back there now.

After we headed to the mall to peruse a bit. We went to the school's monogram on the mountain that evening. The view was incredible up there. And we spent the evening just relaxing with each other before I drove home. I can't wait to go back and see him again in just two weeks! Ah be still my heart.

Okay Sunday..
Today I got to spend the entire day with my mother shopping. We headed to Boone, NC to do some fall shopping for me. This was much needed and I finally got some penny loafers, jeans, and a few sweaters. Such a successful day! And the weather, plus the leaves this weekend were gorgeous!! It couldn't have been more perfect. Before I headed back tonight my mother made sure I had a good home cooked meal, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and crecent rolls. I feel like I ate allll weekend long, but it was all so good!! Now its time to prepare for the week, ugh this is gonna be hard after such a wonderful weekend!! 
What did you do this weekend?

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