Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday Funday

Its almost hump day everyone, the weekend is getting closer!!

To kick off this week we had an all out Monday Funday kinda night. Greg Bates was playing at our local Tin Roof for FREE, so we decided to go check it out, and relax on a Monday night. 
The concert was small and intimate and oh so much fun! I met up with my girl sMb around 930 and we relaxed a bit at her beau's house before heading out. We managed to gather quite a posse, gotta love those roommates, the more the merrier! We had a great time dancing and singing along and I can't wait to Greg Bates returns to Knoxville. If you haven't heard any of his songs go listen to "I did it for the girl" right now!!

Best Monday funday yet!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

November Goals

November is upon us, and Thanksgiving is just days away! How time is flying by so fast this semester. I love setting up small manageable goals and I'm ready for the month of November. Lets see how I did for the month of October.
1. Contact RD at Children's Hospital
This unfolded so splendidly. When I had the intention of personally writing the RD myself, I actually networked and made a contact who formerly worked at Children's Hospital. This kind soul put in a reference for me, and I have now submitted my volunteer application to rock sweet NICU babies for the spring semester.
2. Contact a professor in research.
I submitted my application and resume to work in one of my favorite professors labs and will be starting research in January. I also get course credit for doing research so I'm really excited.
3. Finish Harry Potter #1.
Fail. I never even touched the book, except to put my ipad on top of it. Oops! Life is rolling too fast for reading, and honestly I'm not missing it that much. I enjoy filling my time reading other blogs, and informational posts than reading a book. Maybe over Christmas I'll pick up some books.
4. Do my daily devotional.
I started off so well, but then we go to the end of the study, and I missed weeks. Yeah, weeks. Oops!! But as of today I'm back on track. I've started getting my devotional sent to my email daily so I see it, and read it every morning.
5. Go to a pumpkin patch.
Fail. As time has it I never managed to go. With friends not having any interest (boo on you friends) I didn't want to go alone. I even failed at decorating my own pumpkin. Oh well, there's always next year!
Now for the month of November.
1. Daily Devotional.
2. Workout at least once a week.
{Starting small here}
3. Check three more people off my Christmas list.
4. Pray more often for friends, family, & our nation.
5. Make three new recipes.
Cheers to a new month, and celebrating the holidays!!
My tree is going up tonight, since I have limited time at school to enjoy it. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Girls Weekend Getaway!

Finally, FRIDAY!!

I'm so happy for the weekend.
Although I've done absolutely nothing this pass week. Monday I had a HUGE exam, and well once that was over I've been re-watching The Hills on Netflix every single day. Don't judge, I have to start studying for finals next week. 
Anyways, last weekend my dear friend Jordan, my mother, & myself gallivanted off to Charlotte for a little girls weekend. We left on Saturday bright and early, waaaay before the sun was up. Rising so early demanded an iced coffee and biscuit from Micky Ds before hitting the road. We jammed the whole way with a seriously awesome playlist. Once we arrived we hit the mall. South Park mall in Charlotte has to be one of my absolute favorites. 

one of my new favorites from resort collection

After a day full of shopping we checked in to our hotel, quickly changed, and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, my favorite! 
Then it was time to venture downtown, the whole reason for coming to Charlotte. We were headed to the Hunter Hayes & Carrie Underwood concert! We had so much fun.
It was really great to kick back, relax, and jam out to some great music! 

Lets just say after the concert I had some serious hair envy of Carrie.
On Sunday we took the day pretty easy. We enjoyed our extra hour of sleep before heading out for the day. We spent our morning in the Bass Pro shop, and then hopped over to IKEA. 
I can't leave Ikea without making a few purchases, its impossible.
Sadly we had to head home as I had to study and return back to school. 
Such a perfect weekend away.

Have a great weekend!