Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Update

I'm on my last night of spring break as I write this, and I'm feeling bittersweet about it. I have loved my time spent at home, relaxing, reading, cooking, & just enjoying my family. However, I think I'm ready to head back to school and tackle these last few weeks I have left. But I would like to give y'all a little update of what I've been doing while at home! :)

The first weekend at home I spent with my man. Trying out sushi and just being lazy. 

this was trying sushi for the first time

after church last Sunday..  

 This weekend I did a little retail therapy. My parents wedding anniversary was yesterday, so we headed off to the mountains. I got a little outlet shopping done, hooray for new spring clothes!! And we dined at this wonderful southern restaurant, Dan'l Boone Inn. I also managed to pick up new Lilly things, including croakies & perfume. I think I'm all set for spring now. 

How was your week?! :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This week I am finally on spring break!! Hooray!! I'm enjoying my week being lazy ( finishing The Hunger Games triology), spending time with friends & family, and catching up on some school work. I was fortunate enough to spend my first weekend at home with my boy. We hadn't seen each other in 40 days!! It was the longest we've ever been apart! Our weekend was pure bliss filled with fun things. But this week there a few things I have been loving!!


1. DVr.

Thanks to this little beauty I have been able to catch up on so many shows!! The entire season of One Tree Hill? Yep! Watch Marley & Me? Yep! (yes, I know incredible I've never seen it, but it was really cute!) PLL, A is revealed? Yep! Gonna have to rewatch this one for all the details I missed last night.  Which brings me to my second thing.

2. Seeing my bestie!!

We have been reading the PLL series since high school when I was given the first book as a Christmas gift one year. I was able to join her at her school on Monday night to watch the show together, which was a very special treat. We enjoy our girlie time together since it is few and far between. 

3. Preparing for London.

My mother and I managed to get a couple of "necessary" things for my trip to London. One of them being these..

I've never tried these before so I'm excited to see how they work with my face.

4.The Hunger Games Trilogy
I have loved reading this series!! Wow! So glad I finally got my hands on these books. It only took me a year to do it, but I finally have gotten to read them. I only have about 100 pages left in the second one and am anticipating the movie so much!! Our residence building is pretty sweet in the hook up, and if you signed up you could get free tickets. So once were back at school I plan on picking up my ticket & seeing the movie, for FREE!! 

5. Spring + Lilly

I recently purchased this tech case in chum bucket for my trip to London. I'm so excited that over the past few days its been extremely warm & I have been able to wear my Lilly. Whats better than wearing Lilly in warm weather? I don't think it gets much better. 
What have you been loving so far this spring? :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Today I want to dedicate this post to my incredible father. The family made a surprise trip up yesterday afternoon and we got to spend the evening enjoying each other. Its been so long since the four of us have been able to do something together. I got the joy of consuming too much lobster, and cheering on my Vols in the NIT. ( Note: this was my last and first game of the season, oopsie! ) Also, I got to enjoy driving my brothers new Jeep. Ah, I'm in love with this thing. I can't wait to be home tomorrow so I can drive it some more. Yay!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Daddy!!! 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Best Friend Comes to Town!

This past week my bestie from high school came for a short visit! She is currently checking into some law schools across the state, and ours happens to be her first pick ;) Needless to say I was thrilled to see her on Monday afternoon. We briefly caught up, she took her tour, I went to class, and then we went out for a lovely dinner. We ate at Aubrey's and had the pot roast. On a chilly Monday night it was just what we needed. I even tried the squash casserole! Yummmy!! Definitely a favorite of mine now. After dinner we of course headed to the mall!! J. Crew happened to have the leather iphone case in which my boy has been dying to have. So of course I gave him a call and viola! The case is now his. He was absolutely thrilled, and the sales girl declared me girlfriend of the year, haha, what can I say? I try ;-) We then returned back to my apartment for some PLL. I love PLL! We both have been reading the book series since 2004 and have followed along since the show premiered. In the summers we usually watch together, so this was a treat to be able to watch together during the school year. Tuesday morning I had classes. But we managed to snag lunch together before she ventured on home. It was such a breathe of fresh air seeing her at the beginning of the week, just what I needed. I hope she gets into law school here, we want to be roomies so badly. haha!!

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

London Bound

Hello everyone!! Well, midterms, yikes! Five tests in a row killed my blogging, but I'm back to normal now!! Right before midterms kicked off I got the best news of my life (thus far) !! I'm bounded for London!! I applied for a study abroad program over Christmas break and literally had forgotten about it, until I got the acceptance email. I was having one of those no good very bad days, and then all of a sudden out of the blue I got this email. I was beyond excited! Yesterday we had our first meeting, and I think my group is going to be so much fun. We will be staying in London and traveling about to different places, such as Cambridge, & other places. We have our afternoons and weekends free so I'm excited about exploring. This will be my sixth trip to London, but now that I'm older I really want to explore off the beaten path. So if you have any suggestions of places to eat, or shops to check out I'm all ears!! I'm hoping one of the weekends we are there I can make a trip to Paris. Another guy in the group as already stated his interest, so I'm all game, although I don't speack a lick of French. Oh well! Adventure is awaiting!! 

Me at Hampton Court Palace outside of London 2009