Friday, August 24, 2012

Back on The Hill

Now that we've got the first three days of classes under our belts, I can say I've settled back here on the Hill Top. And oh the things I've been missing this summer!! For instance, going out for walks with my sweet friends. There is a great neighborhood not far from campus that has the best walking trail, not to mention the homes are gorgie!! I've missed my job here. I absolutely adore the people I work & interact with. They just make me smile continuously. Mexican food. Yep, better and more options for Mexican food now that I'm back!! And oh, a couple of goodies I've loved using!!

Talk about smoothing out your face! This stuff is just wonderful. Love love love it!!

This bad boy. I bought this a few weeks ago at my local Ulta and this has changed what I think about straightening my hair. I already have pretty straight hair plus its super thin. So I don't need something heavy duty as a thick headed person (although I'm jealous of you all). With the built in heat sensor and keratin, this actually smooths and softens my hair as I straighten! It's wonderful. And after a few weeks of use I wouldn't want to use anything else!

My new LU sweatshirt. Even though I don't go there, I still have to support my boy's school. Plus orange does not look good with my fair skin and lite hair. Just sayin'. The navy works much better, plus this thing is oh so comfy!!

Well happy Friday dear friends!! I'm off to tackle a small list before my next class. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Back out Option

Well here I am, fall semester officially kicked off today & there is no turning back.
So this year I've piled my plate up high, to the point it was terrifying and daunting at first. But after going to my classes today, and spending some time in the word I think I'll be okay. Here's my crazy line up for the fall semester
  • 14 hours.. this is the easy part
  • Women's ministry & college girls go between
  • Community group leader
  • Lifeguarding at the YMCA {my fave!!}
  • Interning at the Boys & Girls club 3-4 days a week
  • Hospitality leader at church
Yeah, terrifying. But I think I'm going to be a-okay. Cause here's the thing, I have no back out option. For the past three years of college I've enjoyed having a back out option, I didn't have that in high school. I was always 110% committed to everything, sports, band, academics, you name it! But somewhere along the way, I didn't want to be tied down to anything in college. I enjoyed having freedom to workout, watch movies, and doing homework on MY time instead of shuffling from one thing to another. But now I know its time to get real. Time to prepare for the big girl world. Because you see, I'll be graduating in 2 years and then its on to bigger and way better things. So here's to a year with no backing out. To smiling and NOT complaining. Being there for my friends, and myself. I'm so excited about this and don't know why it took me so long to realize what I was doing. But hello fall semester, I am here and ready!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cuteness Alert

Check out this oh so adorable scrunched up face. How could you not love it?!?!

Now go on over to Cute Roulette to watch more precious furbabies.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its OK..Thursday!

So, thought I'd do the little link up this week...

Its ok...That I'm writing a Thursday post with only a little over an hour left in the day

Its ok..that my beau & I use the share screen feature on skype so we can watch a movie rental together..tonight were watching LOL. yes the Miley Cyrus movie. :) (my man is so sweet for renting this for me)

Its ok.. that speaking of my man, he'll be in TEN days!!

Its ok.. I'm sorta ready for fall, only because I love trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Its ok.. that tomorrow is Friday & its payday..REALLY okay with that

And lastly, its ok.. that I'm terrible at making popcorn. I can't always seem to get the majority of kernels to pop without over popping. 

Happy Thursday night readers!!