Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Break Time

So we have finally made it to break yall. I could not be anymore happier. Trying not to think about the upcoming finals, as I did prep before leaving. Lets just say Thanksgiving is becoming more of a favorite holiday because not only is it a break from school, but some time for serious eating. Yay!! 

So far on break I have watched endless hours of tv, I never do this at school, and baking. Today the boy and I went to Kiln' Time to paint our ceramics for Christmas. We choose 8" asian style plates and painted them for each other. I went with a Vineyard Vines whale and some stripes, and he did my monogram. So sweet! And of course he painted in pink and green. :-) Afterwards, we went to Five Guys,yummmy, and then to Starbucks. My boy sure does know how to care for his girl. Tonight we caught up on Glee and made oreo balls. I'll post pictures soon, promise. I know I have been awhol lately. Truth, I'm caught up in school. Ugggh.

Anyways, can't wait for tomorrow. The Macy's day parade is my favorite and I can't wait to watch it. And the food is going to be so good. We always head tot he movies after dinner, and this year the boy is joining in on the festivities. After the movie we plan on joining his family for the evening, and Miracle on 36th Street. Yippee!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Football

There is nothing better than a beautiful Saturday with some of your friends watching your team play. I have come to love football over the past couple of years. Today was homecoming, so there was plenty of festivities to attend. First off, tailgating. Since the game was at noon, we had a brunch tailgate. With the works, it was fabulous. It came to a shock to me when I found out the boy hadn't had steak and potatoes for breakfast before. He absolutely loved them though! After tailgating we met up with my best friend, Franny.

Then we made our way towards the stadium. And as it turned out, another one of our close friends was here too. So we finally got another three musketeer picture. Not only was the weather perfect today, but it was hot. And when I say hot, I got November!!! Just a little upsetting to get burned in November, hellooo Thanksgiving is eleven days away! The game was terrific, we had excellent seats. Plus a final score of 54-14 isn't too shabby. This being said after the horrible season we have had thus far. After the game and manueverting through some sticky traffic we headed for dinner. We ate at this place called Puelos. It was so delicious, but I definitely had too much to eat. After dinner the boy headed back home. Sad to see him go, but I'll be home so soon for Thanksgiving break. Yay! I'm so excited about going home for the holiday. Hope everyone had a great Saturday!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sooo I'm a slacker and terribly sorry readers! Not much has been happening around here lately. Rooms broke it to me Sunday night she is moving out next semester, not because of me but other reasons. So now I'm on the search for a roommate. TKB has been fabulous. Love him dearly, and can't wait to see him on Saturday!! Yay! Christmas break is less than a month away and I can't wait to go home for a MONTH! School has finally slowed down. Took my last test before finals on tuesday and now I'm sailing smoothly. Got only two weeks till Thanksgiving and teachers are canceling classes like crazy! So I'm pretty thankful. Found out today that Elf, my all time favorite holiday movie, is going to start playing on the weekends soon. Super excited about that, and mom and I planned the Thanksgiving menu last night. Ladies and gents, we spent TWO hours talking about food. Now normally our convos are about 20 minutes top, but seriously two hours?! Needless to say, we got my wonderful friends Christmas presents ordered and I can't wait to give it to them! Yay! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway time!

College Prepster is having a wonderful giveaway going on! Not only is this stationary gorgeous, but its almost holiday time! Perfect time for thank you notes, and holiday greetings. I highly recommend entering this giveaway! Happy friday everyone!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Southern Gents

What exactly do I just love about a souther gentleman? Lemme just make a list :)

  • Opens & HOLDS doors for ladies ( emphasis on holds, cuz beau opened the door the other day but forgot to hold on to it, needless to say I had to do some quick dodging, it was a funny moment.
  • Says please and thanks
  • Yes sirs and yes ma'ams are frequently used
  • Dresses properly (ahem no sweatpants)
  • When a lady runs into a gent, even if its her fault, the gentleman always apologizes for him being in the way
  • They call when they say the will
  • Always hold your hand when crossing a street 
  • Orders the perfect meal for you
  • Cooks dinner for you
  • Always tries to impress the parentals
  • Polite and courteous
  • Friendly
  • And I can't forget the accent! - This my favorite. Luckily the beau humors me and when I ask him to repeat words for me he does willingly. Just something about a cute boy with a southern drawl, love it!

Ah, being southern is just so fantastic. Rooms and I had a discussion on this at dinner the other night. And we honestly couldn't understand why anybody wanna be northern. We came to the conclusion the north is for only short weekend getaways for shopping, and that's about it. Well time for Panera club!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Polish Please

If you know me I have a few pet peeves that generally don't bother me, but when it comes across my path, I have to say something. Well yesterday while cleaning at work I came across several nail clippings,in a restaurant of all places! Seriously people, stop biting your nails. Nobody wants to see bit off pieces of nails around them when they're trying to eat. Gross! Personally, I always keep my nails trimmed and polished. And I never let them chip. I was taught the first thing someone sees when being first introduced are A) your nails and B) your smile. So as to make a good impression with a firm handshake, soft hands and polished non chipped nails are a must. Here is one of the colors I've been wearing lately this fall, and its become a favorite around my circle of friends. Enjoy! 
Angora Cardi

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally November

Okay, so October, school-wise was horrendous. So much going and too much work to accomplish. Sorry for the lack of posts within the past week. I just turned in my last project and finally can catch up on all the homework I have neglected for the past week. Yay (note sarcasm).

On the positive, this weekend was fun. Somewhat rushed, but I enjoyed spending an entire weekend with just my boy. Hope everyone has had a great start to the week. Don't forget to go vote today! I sadly won't be able to. Happy Election day!