Monday, November 21, 2011

Noodles & Company

Today Noodles & Company opened up on our campus. I've heard many great things about this place and was eager to try it out. After learning that the first 50 guests receive a free gift, I had to go! The restaurant offers a variety of noodles from American, to Mediterranean. I opted to stick with what I know and ordered the Wisconsin Cheese, which is their best seller.

I enjoyed it, plus the service was very welcoming. I didn't expected to be waited on, considering you order at the counter and get your own drink. But when the girl delivered my food to me and offered a refill I was really pleased. 
Oh and my goodies!
I recieved a t-shirt, a menu, and some coupons to use in the future. I definitely think I will be returning to Noodles & Company again. 
Have you ever had it? What do you order?

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  1. I love Noodles & Co, and there are a few relatively close by to my campus. I always go for the asian inspired food there, it's really good. Have a great day!