Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mexican Night

Happy Tuesday!!

Last night Mom and I were in a very Mexican mood for dinner. We originally were going to head to a great place here in town, but weren't hungry while we were out shopping. And since we needed to pick up some ingredients at the grocery store we decided to make our own enchiladas!
I was so excited as I''ve had a pinterest recipe pinned for a year now.
Here is the recipe I tried.
And my finished product. :)

We also made some queso blanco and Mexican rice to go with. 

Ay yay yay!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday!!
Things never seem to be slowing down around here and now its already been a week since my birthday. 
I won't bore you with a recap of my birthday but just some pictures from the weekend. 

the people at the restaurant added candles for me

one of my favorite homes on the battery

all dressed up with a bow!

A Starbucks bike

so relaxing

best omelet I've ever had at Toast

isn't this the most darling dressing room?!
 Cheers to a happy Monday readers!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Easter '12
I'm jumping for JOY!!
Because that smiling face is coming home in 26 days.
Now a little bit of background for the #26.
It happens to be my FAVORITE number.
For one, we started dating August 26, 2007.
Yup best day of my life, thus far.
I can NOT wait to see him.
So far its been 2 looooong months since I've seen him.
Last saw that cutie on May 12 ..

before departing to London

so sad.
But when he comes home we will have approx. FIVE glorious days together to fill up 
with summer fun before going separately (le sigh) back to our schools.
But meanwhile I'm becoming so stinkin' excited to see him!!
last summers July 4

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fancies

Due to all the rain this week and the lack of being able to work 
(ah the joys of working at an outdoor pool) I've been pinning away. So here are my top pins of the week!




Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clarisonic Mia!

I am finally a proud owner of a Clarisonic Mia. And my face has been changed for the so much better. 
After trying one of my sweet friend's clarisonic back in December I decided I must some day own one of these beauties. 
But alas, I'm a big girl and bills must be paid first. boo. 
But the day has come, and I couldn't be a happier customer.
It was difficult choosing from all the pretty colors, but I finally decided on the turquoise.
I can now say my face has never been smoother or felt so squeaky clean!! 
Also in recent news, its been raining. Like lots of raining, and as a lifeguard that means no work days for moi!
So I've spent a ton of time organizing, labeling, and pinning.
But now that the weekend is close I can pack for my trip this weekend. 
I'll be heading to Charleston, SC for my 21st birthday celebration.
So readers, where should I eat/play/shop??


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

21st Resolutions

I'm turning 21 this week.
Really excited here.
But with turning 21 means a new drivers license.
So the other night before I drifted off to sleep I began to think of what kind of shirt I would like to wear in my new driver's license. And as I began to ponder, I thought back to what I'd be like being 21 when I was 16. 
And I really got to thinking if I would like myself today & if I'd accomplished all the things I thought my 21self would have. Well, theres some things I'm pleased about & some that I'm not too happy about. 
So I decided why not have resolutions for my 21st birthday? Sounds good to me. 
You can refer back to this post for my 2012 goals.
Some of these resolutions are still the same...

While being 21...

1. Be more comfortable & content with just me.

2. Study more. As in my Bible & academically

3. Go out with friends more

4. Be the role model my 16 year old self needs

5. This one sounds weird, but make more friends.
I love my friends, but I want to broaden my circle :)

As I grow over the next year I know I will have lots of ups & lots of downs, but just need to keep on truckin'. 
And know that what I put in, is what I'll get out. 

20th Birthday @ Georgetown Cupcakes