Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goals

For the 2012 year I've been working and thinking about some new goals I would like to set for myself. I set some at the beginning of the fall semester and kept track of them and that seemed to work for me. So here it is, my goals for the new coming year!
1. Become more adventurous
This past semester I felt like I probably spent too much time at home. Now that did pay off for excellent grades which I'm pleased with, but I feel like I have no stories to tell from this year. It is time I get out of this shell I created and go on more adventures. Here's to saying yes more!

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2. Better grades
This is just going to need some discipline from myself. I have a tough course load this next semester so I'm going to have to work hard, but play hard too.
Source: Kate Spade New York

3. Study my Bible more & deeper.
This always seems to be a personal goal but I've never written it down. Hopefully by writing it down I will become more diligent in my studies. My boy is highly intelligent when it comes to the Word, so I feel like I need to step my game up a little. 
4. Drink more H2O.
I know I'm suppose to drink about 9 cups = 56 oz of water a day. Well, I drink about 12 and call it quits. I must drink more water. I'm sure my skin will love it during this winter months.
5. Floss
I bet my dentist will love this one! Ha!
6. Read more books
My goal is read 52 books in 2012. Thats one book per week. I know this is doable since I can fly through books some days. With the help of my Goodreads account hopefully I can stay motivated and keep track. Let me know if you have some recommendations!!
7. Update my blog more often
While I'm at home on breaks it is so easy for me to write, but as school I forget. I have a list of blogs I read every morning before I start my day, but most often I neglect my own. So heres to more adventures to share with my readers!
8. Write more letters. 
Over the year I've collected quite the beauitful stationery stack, but I haven't written much on any of it. So I hope to write my family and friends more often throughout this next year.

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9. Indulge.
Whether this be with food (aka more pasta and chocolate) or windown shopping. It's time I work hard and treat myself respectfully. Perhaps more pedicures, or a night at the theatre! Add more friends to my list even. Whatever it is, I want to indulge more in life.
10. Fall in love more with my boy.I've been extremely blessed with this one. I don't know what I've done but I must be on God's good graces when He set me up with this one. 2012 will mark year 5 for us. Hard to believe! And yet were so young! He's the best high school and college sweetheart. I can't go a day without talking to him. My best friend and confidant. I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

There you have it! Miraculously I got it down to 10!! What are your new goals for this year? What are your plans to celebrate another year of life? 

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  1. good luck with your resolutions! I know I want to blog more in 2012 also!