Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Five

{1} The New Year Cheer sale
I managed to snag a new dress and skirt during this one. I received my shipped notification this morning & now I'm counting down the days till its warm again. I am a summer girl and hate this cold weather we've been having.

{2} My new iphone 5. 
I had the 4 for almost two years and was really excited to get the 5 for Christmas. It is so much faster with the LTE service. Plus I love the light feel of it, I never realized how heavy my old phone was till now. Plus with the new year its nice to have a fresh phone without all the apps I couldn't seem to part with on my last phone.

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 {3} Staying in bed all day. I have been quite lazy feeling staying in my warm bed all day. My car has been in the shop all winter break getting repaired so I haven't been able to go anywhere. I'm totally ok with that though. I have managed to get some things done though from the comfort of my bed. 

{4} Pinterest.  I think since classes have ended I've added around 300 pins to my boards. It's a bit out of out of control, but I have so many new recipes to try out for this semester, and I know a someone who is going to highly appreciate this. 
{5} Country music.
I've been obsessed with a few songs over break and can not get enough of them! So this pretty much means I've listened to the same five songs on repeat for the past month. Here are a few that I've been loving!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh Start

One week from today I'll be back on campus, back with my friends, and back to the classroom. Now if you ask me about school, I'll reply lets not think about it, but secretly I'm really excited. I'm taking very few classes this semester, but they're all major and career oriented so I'm really excited. Plus I start with research with one of my favorite professors & am absolutely jazzed about the opportunity. To get prepared for the new semester I've compiled a small list of things that will help start the semester with success. Or in other words, a few of my favorite things, school edition. 

I received this Vineyard Vines whale tote over Christmas & am so excited about using it! I only have one class each day, so using a tote bag is much much easier for me. This beauty has a zip top, and multiple pockets. 

Staedtler pens are my favorite. I was a fan of the sharpie pens for the longest time, until I discovered these in our bookstore on campus. They are super fine and don't bleed at all!! Plus they come in all sorts of fun colors, which helps my color coding OCD. I always look forward to adding fun events in my planner with these pens.

My water cup. I realized toward the end of last semester I tend to drink more water if theres a straw, don't know why I just do. And over the break between the extreme cold outside, and heat of the stores I've felt very dehydrated. So heres to drinking more and more water to keep me going through the day. 

These are a few things I love to use everyday while at school. 
What do you like to use? I'm always looking for new ideas. :)