Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year!

Hello dearies! Sorry for such the long hiatus! School is back and in full swing and I'm loving this semester, the classes, and the people. First off, I have my own room this semester, rooms moved into her sorority dorm. So since I have my own room I get to be as much of an organizational and list making freak.haha! Anyways thought I would share some songs with you all that I have picked up the last week or two since school started back. These songs really get me pumped and cheered up when I'm having what I call "bad moment" ( as in depressing).

Five Years Time- Noah & The Whale
Taylor Swift- Sweet Tea & God's Graces
Huey Lewis & The News- Its Alright
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes- Home
Randy Backman- Takin Care of Business

Hope these help to keep everyone jammin and moving right along with our busy days. Today my theme is Takin Care of Business because I am doing such. Have a great Thursday!!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Break Recap

So tomorrow I am finally making the trek back to school. Yes, I am the last of my friends and I'll admit I have been putting it off for a while. There are new beginnings to look forward to this semester but not before I reflect on my amazing winter break.
It started off with of course snow and ended with snow.

 So many parties were to attend at the beginning of the break. And then it was a trip to Dollywood with some friends which was incredible.

Then Christmas came, and as I said before my boy did spoil be rotten. We had such a great time together. Then came the New Year. Which started with a bang. Literally a bang, almost blew up dear Weezy's front door. Most definitely a memorable night. Then came Passion, which was more than life changing.

And this last week at home has been pure bliss. Every day just hanging out with the beau has been so enjoyable. First this past Thursday we went and visited with the grandparents, who are just precious. And then we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and had incredible service (this is very unusual for us). After dinner we visited a Lifeway Christian bookstore. I was in need of a new devotional. So after literally an hour of browsing and sitting in the floor looking at Bibles I left with a new devotional and the beau with an early Valentines Day present, a Bible. I don't this anyone puts at much thought into a Bible as much as we do. One of my next favorite nights was our homemade pizza night. We went grocery shopping, which is one of our favorite things to do together. We collected all of our ingredients, and rented a movie just in time to make it home before some snow. We made Hawaiian pizza, the beaus favorite. And it was so yummy! I recommend making your own pizza whenever possible. For just $12 we had enough for two pizzas! Thats cheaper than ordering a pizza. 

After we made our pizza, and some fudge filled cookies we just curled up and watched a great movie. And I don't know what it was about the night, but we had so much fun just being silly and relaxing at home. But now its time to head to school. Only three weeks till the beaus birthday and I can't wait to be home with him again. Hope everyone is off to a great week!!