Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Linking up yet again today..hehe..I love this!!

Okay what I'm currently loving..

The fact that in *TWO* days I will be in Atlanta, Georgia for a little of this..

and a little of this..

SMB & I this summer..

My big Christmas surprise was two tickets to see Zac Brown Band in Atlanta for New Years Eve. I knew my parents were up to something, but I couldn't imagine this!! So on Saturday me, my dear friend SMB, my parents, an uncle & aunt are headed to the big ATL!! We're all set with our NYE hats, noisemakers, and sparkly clothes.  Now, it was hard to explain to the boy that yet again (we've only spent one NYE together in like the past 5 years) we would not be ringing in the new year together. He was upset, and so was I. I felt to bad. But he's okay with it, because on Monday we're leaving for Atlanta together anyways! Yay!! 
Here is what I plan on wearing for the night

with ..

Eeeek I'm so excited!!!

What are you doing for the New Year?!

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