Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers

April showers are fully upon us here in Big Orange country. Yesterday evening we had a terrible storm. As I watched from my dorm room I thought I was in the middle of a tornado it was so awful. Luckily just some power outages, and tree damage was  all we had. I'm so thankful I was inside. Only 3o minutes earlier I had been driving about town, on my way to the car wash of all places. But I was soon fed up with the 5 0' clock traffic and turned around. And its a good thing I did!

I arrived back to school around noon yesterday. And I know I said it before, but wow this weekend was incredible. I'm so excited that this school year is almost finished. I have just a few classes to attend this week, a paper, and two finals. I will be on my merry way home come next Friday! Eeek! Can't wait for summer. Well as promised here are some of our photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Out at the lake

The beau and his sweet grandfather

Egg hunting

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! With this beautiful weather we have been having I couldn't help but enjoy myself. I traveled home thursday evening after my last class at 8. Yes 8! Campus was a ghost town and every dining hall was shut, needless to say when I arrived home I was starving! Thank goodness my parents left food out for me. Friday I spent the day shopping in Blowing Rock, NC at the outlets. I haven't done any serious shopping in over a year, so this was much needed. And lets just say I'm all set for this coming summer. I also snatched my first boxes of Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers. I was so excited. I can't wait to eat them next week during finals. They are being deem my "finals snack". Cause you just to know eating from a cute little box makes studying 10x better. On Saturday I had brunch with the beau. Mom has recently purchased a waffle maker so we tried that out. Then packed ourselves a little picnic and headed for the lake. We spent the afternoon just walking around and snapping some pictures, I'll post those later. And ended the evening with an ice cream social with another couple. The girl is one of my roommates next year, and her boo has become a great friend this year. Today was amazing in itself. The morning began with of course, waffles and Easter baskets. The bunny left me some yummy chocolates and a starbucks card. Then off to church I went. It was so fun to be wearing my Lilly shift dress, my first ever. And the beau went all out and wore a three-piece suit. He was looking pretty swanky himself. After church we headed to my parents for some picture taking, and lunch. Mom out did herself this year. I love homecooked food and it was delicious! After lunch we hunted eggs. So much fun considering our ages. I of course brought my game face and won the first round, but tied with the beau the second. Tonight we attended our church's play production. The beau did a wonderful job narrating, and after back to the parents house for dinner and a game of Sorry! I haven't had that much fun playing Sorry in such a long time. It was so good to just hang out with my parents, they really are the best people I know. Well, here is to another great week ahead of us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All swirly twirly

Hello lovelies!!

These past few days have been wonderful. This past weekend I went on a leadership retreat with my church. I am now in charge of Hospitality. How appropriate for a southern girl like me?! haha. I love it! And can you believe school is almost done?!Wow. I finish classes up next thursday. So excited! As of lately I've been churning out one paper after a presentation. Not too much hard work, just time consuming. But this will all be worth it in two short weeks. I will soon be poolside sipping on some good ole' sweet tea with my bestest friend. Who recently got the cutest white golden retriever puppy named Romeo. We are determined to speak to it in only Shakespeare.haha! This week feels like its already wrapping up to me. I'm leaving thursday for home to spend Easter with my family. Some shopping will be done as will a large cookout and Easter egg hunting. I'm looking forward to this weekend and seeing the beau.  Now to get back to this silly paper so I can play outside. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly!! Just keep pushing, summer is almost here!! =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Way back when..

This is probably the most out there post, but does anyone remember when teletubbies use to exist? Well I came across a funny thing on my tumblr a few nights ago involving teletubbies and it made me laugh for a solid ten minutes out loud. After looking up some things on Youtube tonight I came across the funniest teletubbie video and just had to share my laughter with someone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Playing Hooky

Today I decided I needed to play hooky, April fools was enough reason for me. I started off my morning with some shopping. Today is one of my dear friend's birthday, and then I have another in two weeks. So today I headed out to purchase the gifts I had in mind for them. Well lets just say it was a Lilly morning for me.

Finally scored me the koozie I've been lusting after, but has been sold out everywhere! Thankfully my mall got a shipment in.

Heres my koozie, and the tumbler is one of the birthday presents. Hope she doesn't read this ;) And then I scored this adorable skirt at a local consignment store for only  $20! I was so excited. Then it was time for work. Well since my boy was in the next town doing some outlet shopping I got a lovely girl to switch shifts with me so I could leave early. And off I went for the day to play. We met up and did some outlet shopping and then had dinner with his family.  After dinner it was some yummy white hot chocolates from Starbucks and off to a campground some friends were staying out. It was such a great day. Although I feel terrible about missing my friend's birthday dinner,sometimes having me time and playing hooky is okay. My mom has been trying to teach me that having spontaneous fun is good for you. Mama knows best! Hope everyone's April 1st went well and no one got too tricked!!