Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Date

Last night my boyfriend and I went on our annual Christmas date. We do this every year a couple of days before Christmas, where we get all dressed up and enjoy a dinner and some Christmas lights just the two of us, no phones. This year since we were joining my mother for a candlelight service we stayed local. We enjoyed an Italian dinner at a restaurant downtown, Machievellis. They had all of their Christmas decorations out and it was so charming.

Here is us in front of their Christmas tree.

The boy ordered spaghetti, I think he was going for a lady and the tramp feel ;)

And I ordered the manicotti. (It looks weird in the picture but was actually delicous!)

After dinner we had some time to spare before the candlelight service. I needed some hot cocoa so we went over to our downtown bakery. One of my friends was working, and she whipped me up the most delicous hot chocolate I think I've ever had! She added homemade whip cream to it and that really topped it off. Once I had my chocolate fix we went over to the town's Christmas tree. (Theres a ceremonious tree lighting every year for it, but I haven't been since high school when I had to preform for it) When we got out of the car at the tree we then notice nacho cheese, yes nacho cheese, had been smeared all over the side of my hunnys car. This had to be the funniest thing to happen all night. 

After visiting the tree it was time for the candlelight service. It was so beauitfully done and I'm so glad we went to this specific church for the service. Also attending with my mom was fun, we haven't been able to go together in such a long time. The church was super sweet and had a little dinner prepared for after the service. We enjoyed little finger sandwhiches before continuing on with our date. Which it wouldn't be a date without me indulging in some frozen yogurt, which means Sweet Frogs for me!! It was delicous as always. To finish the night we drove through several neighbors in search of some Christmas lights. There were so many pretty lights. It always warms my heart to see all of the old homes on my street done up so perfectly. Once we arrived home it was present time, my favorite time!!
 This year I got the boy a Vineyard vines candy cane bowtie, which he received at our family party on Saturday so he could wear tonight, he picked this gift out. And I had my parents pick up a Vineyard vines hat for him when they went to Georgetown in the fall, where they also purchased him a t-shirt from them, so sweet! Along with his hat he got a Smathers and  Branson key chain, and some new koozies and croakies. I think he was happy ;-) This year after many hints (wink wink) I got the Kate Spade "This is the year to..." bangle. Oh boy was I happy to see that little box! Its so cute and perfect and goes well with my stack.

The boys parents also gave me my pressies last night. In which I got OPI's strawberry margarita, hooray!, some new chapstick, fuzzy socks, and a giftcard to Starbucks. I loved my pressies and can't wait to use them. I am such a spoiled girl and know this. I'm beyond thankful for the gifts and people who love me. And also for the ability to give gifts too. This year has been a good one to me, and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has bestowed upon me.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas eve eve eve!! ;-)

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  1. Those are all such great gifts! I love that Kate Spade bangle, I've had my eye on one for a while. Haha.