Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: Part dos!!

update number 2 coming at ya!
While in London we got to visit Westminister Abbey. Holy Moly!
I think I may now be a cultural snob. Once you see Westminister nothing seems to compare. I've never seen so much architectural detail!! My mind was blown. From the unknown solider, to Elizabeth 1 burial, the abbey is just gorgie!
Not many pictures were taken, and actually I can't remember if you're even allowed to take pictures in certain areas. All I know is I took it in, and looooved it. If you're in London do plan on visiting Westminister, its got so much historical significance. Plus, kinda cool to walk through those famous doors that Kate Middleton walked through. 

Over the weekend we spent some time in the markets. Saturday we started at Camden Market. This market honestly was not my cup of tea. It was super crowded, dirty, and every vendor sold the same exact dirty looking products. No thanks!

However, after finishing up at Camden we rode over to Portebello Road. 
Hellooo!!! Loved this place! It was colorful, each vendor was different, and there were waffles. Yes waffles. I have this serious thing for Belgian waffles. Every time I smell them I just have to have one. So we indulged and had waffles. The only thing I bought that weekend. But whatever. :)

Mary Poppins was filmed on this road!

yummmmmm :)

 The rest of the weekend was relaxed. All of our boys had either gone to Paris or visited with friends, so we were super excited to have them back. They're such a fun bunch. To start off week 2 we visited Sigmund Freud's house & Abbey Road! Lets just say getting a picture on Abbey Road is a lot more difficult than you think. Not only is there regular traffic, but also many other people are always trying to take their picture! But our darling tour guide Tom was a sport and snapped many a photos for us. 

Later during the week we visited The Royal Society. This was another one of my favorite fun stops, but only because we saw royalty. Here we got about 5 feet from the Duke of Edinburgh, or the Queens hubby Phillip. I was super excited.

I really love ice cream trucks
And as our last group excursion, we went to Charles Darwin's home! It is outside the city about 30 minutes in just the cutest country town. Talk about small streets, our entire bus took up the road, you know, typical American style ;)
It was really nice to see the home and just relax outside of the city. Oh and breathe fresh air for a change. ha!

obvs i like to use the same pose for some reason

the back of his gorgie home!
Tomorrow I'll be back with the wrap up of our trip and some family vacation photos I managed to take!

Friday, June 22, 2012

London: Part 1

Since I was gone for an entire month, part study abroad, part vacation, I'm going to break this up a little bit so I don't over load everyone. ;-)
We left home on Saturday, May 12 and drove all the way to Washington, D.C. to catch my flight. I decided to fly out from there because I didn't want any lay-overs and a chance for my luggage to go missing. My flight went very smooth, landed early, and I made it through everything in a breeze. This was huge for me as my first time flying alone, and I absolutely LOVED it!!
I met up with my study abroad group upon landing and we left from there. The first day was a little rough as the time difference, and I had been awake for 32 hours straight!!!
We enjoyed our first day unpacking, having a group lunch, a bus tour of London & then crashing out. Well once we had contacted our families. 

After our first trip to the grocery store
Our first full day was spent in the classroom and then some sites. First we toured the British museum & then rode the London Eye. I love the Eye! I got to experience back in 2009 when I went with my family, and it was so much fun riding again. 

British Museum: oldest human

Just hanging out with some original Greek sculptures

London Eye

 Our second day we went to Cambridge. Here we toured King's College Chapel, and viewed The Charles Darwin project, which is a collection of his books, letters, journals, and surveys. We experienced every scenario of weather in Cambridge. Rain, wind, sun, hail, you name it, it happened.

Ready to board the train!

Inside the chapel, so GORGEOUS!
Day three we had class first thing in the morning and then a free day, yippee!! After class & all my work was pretty much done I hopped on over to Harrods. Ah this place is heaven! 

But seriously. I looove Harrods! Six floors of everything you can imagine. From an ice cream bar to puppies to designer clothing & footwear. It was a dream come true. I walked around aimlessly for two hours before deciding I needed help, and Laurdee macaroons. Once I got my streets I scooted on across the street because hello, theres Hyde Park, which is gorgie as well!!

such a pretty day
I'll be back with more soon!!!! ;-)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am home. I have now been home for a week. 
After around 12,000 miles round trip, I'm back to sleeping in my bed and choosing my clothes out of a closet and not a suitcase. Back to home cooked meals, back to outings with friends, and back to sunshine!!
Since I've been home I've started unpacking from school, unpacking from vacation, and back to work. During the summer's I lifeguard, and this year I'm a head lifeguard. Which requires soooo much more responsibility than I think I was aware of. After some exhausting days in the sun, and long nights getting things in order, our pool is organized and working much smoother. I love my team!! But since I've been home I have managed to teach a week of swim lessons, my favorite part of my summer job. The kiddos are so precious! My favorite moment is when they overcome their fears (mostly jumping of the diving board) and realize they are capable of anything.I'm in the process of uploading and getting my photo from the trip together, but to tie everyone over, heres a class photo from this mornings graduating swim class. 

Aren't they just precious?!?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guest post

Hey readers!! I'm still away here in England, but check over at Crystals blog,, for a post I did for her while shes on her honeymoon!