Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Well, this break was exactly what I needed!! Heres a quick little recap

Tuesday- Arrived home late that evening to enjoy some solid family time.

Wednesday- Worked a shift and then went off on a date with my man. Our Longhorns had just opened up and you can read about how much I love it here. We then did a little browsing, and ended the night with some ice cream.

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! I made sure to wake up in time to enjoy all of the parade. It is one my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. I spent the morning preparing oreo balls for my work's potluck and then headed over to my beau's house for Thanksgiving lunch. We had such a fun time together. His family is so entertaining. We left their home, and had dinner at my parent's home. After dinner we watched Santa Clause & then it was off to bed early for me! I had to be at work at 4:45 AM!! Aaaah!!!

Friday- Up early and off to work I went! The morning crowd wasn't that bad this year & I actually enjoyed my morning! It was fun keeping everyone upbeat and smiling. After work I did a little bit of my shopping and managed to pick up my mother's present. Then I joined my boy. We eventually ended up watching a few movies on t.v and just haning out. Later that evening we joined his grandparents for dinner. They have become our favorite couple to double date with. Always guaranteed laughter and good times with them two.

Today- I did my last work shift and spent the entire afternoon lounging. It felt so nice to just stay in for the night after being so busy! The beau came over for dinner and the family spent the night decorating for Christmas. This is my absolute favorite tradition of Thanksgiving. I love the excitement of brining out our favorite decorations. And my man is talented at lighting trees we found out ;)

So sad to be returning to school, but its only for two weeks...eeek! At this time in two weeks no more classes for me! So excited! I can't wait to be home without school on my mind.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday weekend?

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