Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bees Knees

"If bees had tiny little knees, you'd be them." Anybody else watched the "I love you" video? Its hilarious if you haven't. So speaking of love, if you had to give it up, would you? Or could you even fathom the idea? As the boy and I were discussing our day tonight this came up. Now, if I had to give up my boy for something the Lord wanted me to do, I think I'd have a really hard time in doing so. Of course I believe that if the Lord gave me a partner to spend this life with, then why should I have to give them up for something else? I guess that all goes with God has something incredible in store for all of His children thats not even fathomable. Giving of my boy, I would if the Lord had presented me with another piece of my will for Him. The idea of getting use to it, not to see. It would be tearful, and painful, but the blessings of the Lord are more than anything. Now that I have that off the brain...

Cycling. Tonight I went to my first cycling class this semester with Rooms. Not only did we sweat puddles (yes, literally puddles) I got an intense workout. Like super. I left feeling great and empowered. So what do I do? Head straight to Quiznos for a sandwhich and salad. I know, I'm terrible, but better than a bag of cookies that I have stashed away. So school is going great. A little stressful here and there, but you need the bumps to make you stronger. Overall, lovin life, my friends, and my God. Hope everyone is having a good week, half way there!!

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