Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just to see you smile

Round two is officially over. So glad to have gotten my second day done, and now the weekend starts (no class tomorrow). Lets just say child and family studies might be second favorite class. First workout of the semester today. Thinking I might be in need of some new tennis shoes. Loving these at the moment. Super cute and pink. Speaking of new things, Rooms birthday is Friday and I'm in search of the perfect gift for her. And look what I stumbled upon..
Lilly Pulitzer Cell Phone Cover (Don't Be Koi) 106132-Lilly Pulitzer Cell Phone Cover (Don't Be Koi) 106132
What do yall think? Also I have found THE gift for Franny. 
Lilly Pulitzer Night Light-Taboo 
Its a censor night light and goes perfectly with last years pink elephant gift. She's absolutely crazy about elephants and this suits her well. Time for some homework! Lator gator!

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