Monday, August 23, 2010


Can I just say I absolutely love birthdays! I love shopping for the perfect gift, putting things together, and the look on a person's face when the receive the gift. No matter the age I feel every birthday is important & should be a week long celebration. Not only because I was raised that way and I am Daddy's little princess, but every birth is special. And we are all God's child and gift. It's so amazing that we are His most precious creation. I'm not ranting about this just because it was our sunday school lesson, but because Rooms birthday is this Friday! Eeek! I just ordered her Lilly Pulitzer Iphone case in White Zin. She's going to love it! Not only is her birthday this week but my lovely friends M. Loft and J. Trott surprised me this afternoon with my belated birthday gift. Always better late than never! And these girls are just so darling and a completely blessing in my life. I honestly don't know what I would do without our heart to hearts. I just love em! Okay so heres the amazing present they gave me..
The most comfy and warm Hello Kitty blanket, and some Hello Kitty nail supplies I had been eyeing lately at Target. I love Hello kitty, not in an obsessive way, some things I can pass on. But this is just too precious! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and remembers to thank God for all the blessings He has placed in our lives. 

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