Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Workin on my fitness

Tonight was the first night back to the grind. Oh how the gym sure did miss, the feeling is not mutual. Blehh. J. trott and I went to kickboxing class tonight. And it sure did kick me! Shew, there is nothing like jumping around, throwing punches, and doing kicks for an hour straight. And to end it with 10 minutes worth of abs, I will most definitely be sore tomorrow. I'm thinking running shorts and sneakers for class. Speaking of which, I want new tennis shoes. I'm no the tennis shoe type of gal, but these are cute!
And what goes perfect with a new pair of shoes? Some shorts of course!
These are my favorite right now from under armour. All of this can be found at Finish Line. Now its time for homework and some much needed rest.

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