Monday, August 23, 2010

Miraculous Discoverys

So today I was having lets say a bad moment. But before that, my parentals, brother, uncle, and a family friend all came to visit campus today. I loved seeing them. After a tour of Neyland and Thompson-Bowling we enjoyed some local site-seeing and dinner. They really are the greatest people ever, loving me for everything I am.
So shortly after my family left me and I finished homework I started feeling down. Kinda just lost on what I was suppose to be doing and what ministries God wanted me to do. Well in this midst of this moment the lovely Boy skyped me. Totally lifted me and rejuvenated me just in time for Crossroads (monday night bible study with about 500 other people). The message tonight was about not doing everything, and renewal in you. When you become a believer and sacrifice your life to God, you put down your old self, have a renewed attitude of mind, and take up your new self. Lets just say after this message I was floating. God has so much in store for me and I can't just keep barging in. So heres to letting the Lord have everything. My dreams in comparison to what God has for me is nothing. I'm so excited about the Lord and this school year. 
Here are some pictures of Party on the Roof, I attended last night. 
Sam,Me, & Chelsey

Beautiful Allison

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