Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay, so after a busy day of classes, chasing down my stats professor for possibly the briefest meeting ever, and staying on top of homework I am wipe. Completely tired. It might be the soreness from kickboxing yesterday, but I am tired. Although waking up to ripped abs this morning was a plus. But moving on to my title. Seriously, my professor was an hour late to his office hours today. I don't normally mind waiting on people for 5 or 10 minutes, especially since I'm usually 15 minutes early. I like to be punctual. If I'm not on time to a meeting or engagement, I become physically sick to my stomach.I hate having to make others wait on me.So since I'm inspired on manners I put together a list of simple southern manners.
1. Hold doors open
2. Shake hands - they should be firm
3. Thank you notes are always appreciated, handwritten of course.
4. Punctuality
5. Be friendly
6. Be modest.
7. And of course be humble.

Ahh, I just love being from the south were people are hospitable and kind towards one another, well most days.
As for this southern belle, its time for some rest. 

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