Saturday, August 28, 2010


Woot! Finally a saturday, and one I get to sleep in at that! So excited. So the past few days have been a whirlwind. Thursday was full of Panera and studying for Physiology. And yesterday was a full day of work. Last night was my first orientation for Victoria Secret (I know, I'm excited too) and then some time with friends for good ol` fashion homemade ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream is just so delicious when homemade. And I sure did need something after working for seven hours! Who knew there was that much info about bras! Anywho, yesterday was Rooms birthday. I picked up a Lilly iphone cover for her, lets just say her DG sistas are a little jealous now. ;) This morning I slept in till promptly 9:30, I know, I know not that late.  Managed to fit in a little bit of homework, and then met M. Loft and J. Trott for some lunch. After lunch we headed straight for the mall! Finally, a saturday full of shopping. I was in need of blacks for my new job, and J. Trott needed some pick me up jeans. We both scored some cute shirts from Gap, success. Then to a local store that most sorority girls shop at and back to campus. Tonight we are headed to the Olive Garden for endless pasta night! Can we say excited?! I love love love pasta, and endless? It can't get any better. And only a week away from football time in Tennessee. Although I probably won't be attending the first game, I'm pretty excited for the season to start. Hopefully our boys will do better this year, but only Jesus knows. As for this girl, it's time to prep for dinner!
P.S. The boy got a new blackberry today, yay for BBMing!! =)

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