Sunday, August 22, 2010

Franny comes to visit

Its the weekend! Finally got to see my very best friend, Franny. We are practically twins, and I love it. You always need that someone to gab about boys, clothes, and of course shoes. Which is exactly what we did today. Can I just say I love shoe shopping? Although nothing was bought, some items were definitely spied.  Can't wait for fall break when some damage to the Boone J. Crew can be done. After taking a moment to wash my car, poor thing was in need of a bath, I headed back to campus. Time for studying  was fitted in, along with a little cleaning. What can I say? I am a neat freak, hope my roommate doesn't kill me.

So after bearing the elements for dinner, I joined up with a great group for scrabble. And not just scrabble, speed scrabble. After a couple of rounds I finally figured out the rules and am now learning. I'm absolutely crazed about playing now. And I have found my new love, Nutella. 

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