Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 minute Abs!

Yay!  Sunday! One of my favorite days, not only because I get to be a nerd and study all day, but because it is the day the Lord gave us to praise, worship, and rest. I just love hearing about all the marvelous things my God can do! He is so awesome and cool. Things I could never even think about, He already knows. And that is just so exciting and I'm so on fire and in love with Christ.

Now to my title. Eight minute abs! Yes eight full minutes of an abs workout from the 80s that truly works! Not only are there ab workouts, but legs, bungs, and arms! Tonight me and the Rooms did abs and buns. Needless to say after eating our junk food, us fatties  grunted our way through the workout. I recommend you check it out on youtube. Just search 8 minute abs.Its the one with like 7 million views.

So the new job, lovin it! Tonight was our first meeting, and I'm just so super pumped. Who wouldn't love working with cute undies and bras all day long? Plus looking cute and smellin good at work. Well its time for a new week. So go out and give it your BEST! It is what you make it. And you are in charge of your moods, nobody else! So go out and be positive. Thats my goal for the week, plus the eight minute ab workouts. And perk, the Boy is coming to see me this weekend. Also its soon to be Football time in Tennessee! Go Vols! :)

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