Saturday, August 21, 2010


First Friday night back at school! Girl's night started with dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, La Paz, although its not called that anymore. But if you're in Knoxville, it is the place to be at on the weekends. After dinner we headed over to Rita's italian ice in Market Square. Which is probably the cutest locale in Knoxville. I stuck with my normal chocolate custard, although Jtrott ventured out, and tried strawberry custard with brownie ice. Needless to stay she said it was delicious, and it looked like a cupcake! 

We then did a little window shopping around the square. Of course stopping in Bliss. Then to The Mast General Store. And this is where the entertainment of the night begins. It all started with just a little browsing. But then they saw them, and by them I mean Jtrott and Mloft. The Chacos, and what a steal at 30% off! After a few phone calls and contemplating on colors, the purchases were made and we left just in time for closing! They're so happy, and I love seeing my friends happy.
Making the calls

 We finished the night with The Last Song. I must say Liam Hemsworth is just darling, and an Aussie!  And lastly visiting some of our friends who have been working rush, can't wait till its all over and we get them back. Overall, I am so happy to be back on campus and with my lovely friends, but seeing the boy soon,and Franny tomorrow is just perfect!

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