Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bees Knees

"If bees had tiny little knees, you'd be them." Anybody else watched the "I love you" video? Its hilarious if you haven't. So speaking of love, if you had to give it up, would you? Or could you even fathom the idea? As the boy and I were discussing our day tonight this came up. Now, if I had to give up my boy for something the Lord wanted me to do, I think I'd have a really hard time in doing so. Of course I believe that if the Lord gave me a partner to spend this life with, then why should I have to give them up for something else? I guess that all goes with God has something incredible in store for all of His children thats not even fathomable. Giving of my boy, I would if the Lord had presented me with another piece of my will for Him. The idea of getting use to it, not to see. It would be tearful, and painful, but the blessings of the Lord are more than anything. Now that I have that off the brain...

Cycling. Tonight I went to my first cycling class this semester with Rooms. Not only did we sweat puddles (yes, literally puddles) I got an intense workout. Like super. I left feeling great and empowered. So what do I do? Head straight to Quiznos for a sandwhich and salad. I know, I'm terrible, but better than a bag of cookies that I have stashed away. So school is going great. A little stressful here and there, but you need the bumps to make you stronger. Overall, lovin life, my friends, and my God. Hope everyone is having a good week, half way there!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 minute Abs!

Yay!  Sunday! One of my favorite days, not only because I get to be a nerd and study all day, but because it is the day the Lord gave us to praise, worship, and rest. I just love hearing about all the marvelous things my God can do! He is so awesome and cool. Things I could never even think about, He already knows. And that is just so exciting and I'm so on fire and in love with Christ.

Now to my title. Eight minute abs! Yes eight full minutes of an abs workout from the 80s that truly works! Not only are there ab workouts, but legs, bungs, and arms! Tonight me and the Rooms did abs and buns. Needless to say after eating our junk food, us fatties  grunted our way through the workout. I recommend you check it out on youtube. Just search 8 minute abs.Its the one with like 7 million views.

So the new job, lovin it! Tonight was our first meeting, and I'm just so super pumped. Who wouldn't love working with cute undies and bras all day long? Plus looking cute and smellin good at work. Well its time for a new week. So go out and give it your BEST! It is what you make it. And you are in charge of your moods, nobody else! So go out and be positive. Thats my goal for the week, plus the eight minute ab workouts. And perk, the Boy is coming to see me this weekend. Also its soon to be Football time in Tennessee! Go Vols! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Woot! Finally a saturday, and one I get to sleep in at that! So excited. So the past few days have been a whirlwind. Thursday was full of Panera and studying for Physiology. And yesterday was a full day of work. Last night was my first orientation for Victoria Secret (I know, I'm excited too) and then some time with friends for good ol` fashion homemade ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream is just so delicious when homemade. And I sure did need something after working for seven hours! Who knew there was that much info about bras! Anywho, yesterday was Rooms birthday. I picked up a Lilly iphone cover for her, lets just say her DG sistas are a little jealous now. ;) This morning I slept in till promptly 9:30, I know, I know not that late.  Managed to fit in a little bit of homework, and then met M. Loft and J. Trott for some lunch. After lunch we headed straight for the mall! Finally, a saturday full of shopping. I was in need of blacks for my new job, and J. Trott needed some pick me up jeans. We both scored some cute shirts from Gap, success. Then to a local store that most sorority girls shop at and back to campus. Tonight we are headed to the Olive Garden for endless pasta night! Can we say excited?! I love love love pasta, and endless? It can't get any better. And only a week away from football time in Tennessee. Although I probably won't be attending the first game, I'm pretty excited for the season to start. Hopefully our boys will do better this year, but only Jesus knows. As for this girl, it's time to prep for dinner!
P.S. The boy got a new blackberry today, yay for BBMing!! =)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay, so after a busy day of classes, chasing down my stats professor for possibly the briefest meeting ever, and staying on top of homework I am wipe. Completely tired. It might be the soreness from kickboxing yesterday, but I am tired. Although waking up to ripped abs this morning was a plus. But moving on to my title. Seriously, my professor was an hour late to his office hours today. I don't normally mind waiting on people for 5 or 10 minutes, especially since I'm usually 15 minutes early. I like to be punctual. If I'm not on time to a meeting or engagement, I become physically sick to my stomach.I hate having to make others wait on me.So since I'm inspired on manners I put together a list of simple southern manners.
1. Hold doors open
2. Shake hands - they should be firm
3. Thank you notes are always appreciated, handwritten of course.
4. Punctuality
5. Be friendly
6. Be modest.
7. And of course be humble.

Ahh, I just love being from the south were people are hospitable and kind towards one another, well most days.
As for this southern belle, its time for some rest. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Workin on my fitness

Tonight was the first night back to the grind. Oh how the gym sure did miss, the feeling is not mutual. Blehh. J. trott and I went to kickboxing class tonight. And it sure did kick me! Shew, there is nothing like jumping around, throwing punches, and doing kicks for an hour straight. And to end it with 10 minutes worth of abs, I will most definitely be sore tomorrow. I'm thinking running shorts and sneakers for class. Speaking of which, I want new tennis shoes. I'm no the tennis shoe type of gal, but these are cute!
And what goes perfect with a new pair of shoes? Some shorts of course!
These are my favorite right now from under armour. All of this can be found at Finish Line. Now its time for homework and some much needed rest.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Miraculous Discoverys

So today I was having lets say a bad moment. But before that, my parentals, brother, uncle, and a family friend all came to visit campus today. I loved seeing them. After a tour of Neyland and Thompson-Bowling we enjoyed some local site-seeing and dinner. They really are the greatest people ever, loving me for everything I am.
So shortly after my family left me and I finished homework I started feeling down. Kinda just lost on what I was suppose to be doing and what ministries God wanted me to do. Well in this midst of this moment the lovely Boy skyped me. Totally lifted me and rejuvenated me just in time for Crossroads (monday night bible study with about 500 other people). The message tonight was about not doing everything, and renewal in you. When you become a believer and sacrifice your life to God, you put down your old self, have a renewed attitude of mind, and take up your new self. Lets just say after this message I was floating. God has so much in store for me and I can't just keep barging in. So heres to letting the Lord have everything. My dreams in comparison to what God has for me is nothing. I'm so excited about the Lord and this school year. 
Here are some pictures of Party on the Roof, I attended last night. 
Sam,Me, & Chelsey

Beautiful Allison


Can I just say I absolutely love birthdays! I love shopping for the perfect gift, putting things together, and the look on a person's face when the receive the gift. No matter the age I feel every birthday is important & should be a week long celebration. Not only because I was raised that way and I am Daddy's little princess, but every birth is special. And we are all God's child and gift. It's so amazing that we are His most precious creation. I'm not ranting about this just because it was our sunday school lesson, but because Rooms birthday is this Friday! Eeek! I just ordered her Lilly Pulitzer Iphone case in White Zin. She's going to love it! Not only is her birthday this week but my lovely friends M. Loft and J. Trott surprised me this afternoon with my belated birthday gift. Always better late than never! And these girls are just so darling and a completely blessing in my life. I honestly don't know what I would do without our heart to hearts. I just love em! Okay so heres the amazing present they gave me..
The most comfy and warm Hello Kitty blanket, and some Hello Kitty nail supplies I had been eyeing lately at Target. I love Hello kitty, not in an obsessive way, some things I can pass on. But this is just too precious! Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and remembers to thank God for all the blessings He has placed in our lives. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Franny comes to visit

Its the weekend! Finally got to see my very best friend, Franny. We are practically twins, and I love it. You always need that someone to gab about boys, clothes, and of course shoes. Which is exactly what we did today. Can I just say I love shoe shopping? Although nothing was bought, some items were definitely spied.  Can't wait for fall break when some damage to the Boone J. Crew can be done. After taking a moment to wash my car, poor thing was in need of a bath, I headed back to campus. Time for studying  was fitted in, along with a little cleaning. What can I say? I am a neat freak, hope my roommate doesn't kill me.

So after bearing the elements for dinner, I joined up with a great group for scrabble. And not just scrabble, speed scrabble. After a couple of rounds I finally figured out the rules and am now learning. I'm absolutely crazed about playing now. And I have found my new love, Nutella. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


First Friday night back at school! Girl's night started with dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, La Paz, although its not called that anymore. But if you're in Knoxville, it is the place to be at on the weekends. After dinner we headed over to Rita's italian ice in Market Square. Which is probably the cutest locale in Knoxville. I stuck with my normal chocolate custard, although Jtrott ventured out, and tried strawberry custard with brownie ice. Needless to stay she said it was delicious, and it looked like a cupcake! 

We then did a little window shopping around the square. Of course stopping in Bliss. Then to The Mast General Store. And this is where the entertainment of the night begins. It all started with just a little browsing. But then they saw them, and by them I mean Jtrott and Mloft. The Chacos, and what a steal at 30% off! After a few phone calls and contemplating on colors, the purchases were made and we left just in time for closing! They're so happy, and I love seeing my friends happy.
Making the calls

 We finished the night with The Last Song. I must say Liam Hemsworth is just darling, and an Aussie!  And lastly visiting some of our friends who have been working rush, can't wait till its all over and we get them back. Overall, I am so happy to be back on campus and with my lovely friends, but seeing the boy soon,and Franny tomorrow is just perfect!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just to see you smile

Round two is officially over. So glad to have gotten my second day done, and now the weekend starts (no class tomorrow). Lets just say child and family studies might be second favorite class. First workout of the semester today. Thinking I might be in need of some new tennis shoes. Loving these at the moment. Super cute and pink. Speaking of new things, Rooms birthday is Friday and I'm in search of the perfect gift for her. And look what I stumbled upon..
Lilly Pulitzer Cell Phone Cover (Don't Be Koi) 106132-Lilly Pulitzer Cell Phone Cover (Don't Be Koi) 106132
What do yall think? Also I have found THE gift for Franny. 
Lilly Pulitzer Night Light-Taboo 
Its a censor night light and goes perfectly with last years pink elephant gift. She's absolutely crazy about elephants and this suits her well. Time for some homework! Lator gator!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of Class

Well...today was the first day of classes. So exciting! I'm such a nerd. First class of the day, Western Civ. Pretty good so far. My professor looks like a bigger Steve Carell, and has a dry sense of humor. I think I'm going to like this class.


Next class was Nutrition. Lets just say I love it so far! Which is good news for me since it could be my major. Caught up  with my lovely friend Allison for lunch, and had some yummy Chik-fil-a. Internet had a minor break down this afternoon. Definetly about bruised my day.Day one is down, bring on day two!