Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Party

Well the weekend was a success! Saturday was spent doing some homework and working. Spent most of my Saturday night talking to the beau, I sure do miss him, but not for long as I'll be headed back home on Friday!! Yesterday was absolutely pleasant. The services yesterday morning were so blessing and powerful. God definitely was pouring right on into me. After church I met with my sweet friend S, to work on our BCMB paper. Yuck! But since our other BCMB friends went with us and we did all our work at Panera, the afternoon was alright. I had the best salad, BBQ chopped along with creamy tomato soup, yum! Thankfully all our work was done by mid-afternoon and I was able to head back to campus to work on some more school work. My community group from church had the nursery last night, so we watched the one-year olds. They are just too sweet! I love there little happy faces. After nursery we headed over to another member of groups home for a little fall party. We ate delicious apple crisp, pumpkin bread budding, kettle corn, and cinnamon fluff. It was so so so yummy. We carved our pumpkins after. I got just a little baby pumpkin, as keeping a large pumpkin in my dorm room would not be practical. I was unsure how to carve it at first since it was so small, and something intricate couldn't be done. So I opted for just my monogramm.

I was very happy with how it turned out and had such a wonderful time. Now to go home and carve one with the beau, eek so excited for the weekend!

Me & my finished product

Happy Monday ya'll!

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