Sunday, October 10, 2010

Country Roads

Today was the cherry to the sundae. No joke. Started off a little shaky this morning, but hey, not everything is perfect. And if I didn't have to sail through the storms, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the calm. Anywho, we departed early this morning for Boone, North Carolina. The drive to and from was beautiful. I love the changing of fall. The leaves in North Carolina are magnificent, no seriously. I always make it a point to go to North Carolina during October because of the leaves. Well, we got to Boone around lunch time. Both of us had forgotten it was a game day at Appy state, homecoming nonetheless, oopsie! But made it over to the shopping outlets in Blowing Rock safely. Did some shopping, and met up with my best friend, Franny. Love her to bits. Then we headed over to Panera, love their baked potato soup, and did some browsing in TJ Maxx before we headed to the original Mast General Store. So of course the mountains are gorgeous and I made the beau take some photos, before my camera battery exhausted.
The beau & KJC outside the school house

KJC with the mountains!
We managed to get some candy from the candy store before leaving. Lets just say the beau was very excited about his gummy worms. Along the drive home we stopped at some places, including the lake for more photo-ops. Overall we had a fantastic day and I can't wait to be back home for another visit.


At the Marina

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