Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helloooo Freebie

Well today was a glorious Tuesday. Lets recap
5:45 Walk to the gym with J. Trott
6:00- 6:45 walk two miles
7:00 jump in the shower
7:15 Check emails
This is when I find out my child and family class is cancelled and the test that is suppose to be on thursday is now moved to next Tuesday, YAYY!!!
The day continues on..
I get a call back from my holiday job and I get to start immediately while I'm home. woop woop! And with my homework done, I had time to finger paint, and read and take a nap all before noon and before work! Yay!! I only had to work like two hours today so that was great, and I got to get my errands done. Not only did I get my errands completed, but M.Loft came with me for Menchies. AKA the best frozen yogurt around Knoxville. And it was two punch tuesday so my next ice cream is free, no I don't go that much. Don't judge ;)
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!!
Hmm..maybe a girlie night tonight? :)

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