Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Awesomeness

Finally, fall break has arrived! After finishing up midterms yesterday, and loading the car, I headed home. Now, I haven't been home since starting school, which is a big deal for me. I'm a little under two hours from home, so not visiting is unusual for me. But anyways, the ride home was beautiful. Clear blue skies, and the leaves were starting to change. I immediately came home, showered and changed, who wants to look like they've been in a car for a couple of hours? Slipped into a  Lilly dress and went to meet the lovely beau with some sweetie teas. He was so happy to see me, just love him to death. We headed off to the mall so I could re-apply for my holiday job at Bath & Body, such a wonderful season job, and I immediately got an interview. Yay!! After the mall we headed back to my house to cook dinner. Never have I cooked an entire meal completely by myself so this was a little challenge. Of course the beau helped me with the chicken, I hate cold slimy dead things, and we BBQed it. I also managed to whip up mashed potatoes, green beans, and mac & cheese. And for desert some chocolate chip fudge filled cookies. It was so delicious and everyone enjoyed it. After desert the beau and I settled in for a movie and a quiet evening. It feels so good to be home. Hope everyone is enjoying this crisp fall weather!

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