Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Getaway

This weekend couldn't have been any more fun had I asked for it. So lets recap.
Friday afternoon we left and headed for my hometown. We got to my home, freshened up, and left for dinner with my beau and best friend and a friend of hers. We had a nice Japanese dinner and once the sun set we headed towards the cornmaze. It was too scary but we really had a great time! Afterwards we went back to my home and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was a fun scary night. Saturday we woke up to a wonderful country breakfast prepared by my parents. They're the sweetest. Then we left for the fire tower. It was a little drive through a country town and the weather was fantastic. The leaves were changing and it was so beautiful! We drove part way up the mountain and had to hike the rest. But wow was it a gorgeous hike. God's beauty was all around us. 
On the way
Overall the hike didn't take too long. And the fire tower was a little scary, but the beau held on to me tightly. He wasn't letting me go anywhere.
On the tower
After the hike we headed to the blue hole. It was busy, but so majestically beautiful. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in east Tennessee, check out the Blue Hole. You won't be let down.
SBM & Me
My friend SBM and her boy came home with me for the weekend and loved the hike. We took so many pictures and laughed like crazy. After all the hiking we were a little hungry so we headed to my favorite fast food place, Pals. Its only in the Tri-cities, so SBM & her boy were in for a treat. We spent the afternoon recuperating. We got all dolled up, and headed towards Johnson City for the evening. We had tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert, which was such a blessing. To worship with my beau and some great friends was wonderful.
At the concert
This morning we got up early and went to church. After church we all went to lunch together and then we had to head back to school. Kinda sad coming back to school, but I'll be home next weekend for another fabulous weekend with my boy. This weekend seriously felt like it last a week, and thats exactly what I needed. God is so good, and He really blessed us all this weekend. Can't wait to have them back up for some Christmas ice skating!

being silly

The Fire Tower

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