Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweetie Tea Friday

Yippee! My weekend is officially underway. And I couldn't be anymore happier.
Today I had my nutrition class, which I love! (Maybe a deciding major?) Then I rode the cute little trolley downtown to meet my friend Megan M. The trolley takes about 20 minutes from campus to her cute little loft, but on the way you pass all the court buildings, and some unique things downtown Knoxville has to offer. I always find something new on each trip. After meeting up with her we headed over to the Dollar General. Now I know what you're thinking, yuck! However there are some great finds there! For example, you can find the normal shampoo you use everyday for probably $2 less than the normal price. Also since fall is on its way some great summer stuff was on sale, we just purchased a cute little bowl for the fruit salad that will be devoured at tomorrow's tailgating. Then we had a quick little lunch at Panera. Oh so yummy! And to finish our outing with some grocery shopping. Now after having a nutrition class I'm way more aware of what I'm eating. So we scrutinized several objects before deciding which to purchase. This was actually fun and we enjoyed ourselves. After returning to campus I hit the gym. It was time for a last minute weekend workout. Between all this health food and working out my body is starting to feel great! The post office finally opened after returning from the gym so I was able to pick up my packages. I had ordered a pink & green Republican elephant for my car last weekend and it finally arrived!

Not only did that come today, but mom sent the newest Cosmo and ice treats! Yay mom! I love her, she's so inspirational. Anywho, time to continue the weekend festivities!

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