Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Weekend

This weekend was parents weekend. I love seeing my parents, they're just precious. Well my Friday included dinner at Mellow Mushroom and then cookies and coffee at my friend A.W.'s apartment. We enjoyed our night in watching 17 Again. I mean who doesn't love watching Zac Effron exit a car over and over again? And the fact the first 10 minutes he's shirtless? Yummmy! Saturday's kickoff time was set for 12:21. So that means super early tailgating. Went to pick Momma and Daddy up around 10 and then we headed over to the stadium. Now lemme just brag on my parents a little. They try to visit almost every other weekend, and when they don't visit I always get some sort of card in the mail just sending a hug, and usually a Cosmo (which I love!). So when mom and dad arrived Saturday I knew they had something for me. And they pulled through, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. My all time favorite fall treat. And mom made an entire batch just for me. I'm pretty special. Anyways, we took part in Salute to the Hill, a UT tradition and made our way to our seats.

In front of Neyland.
We had excellent seats right in the end zone. And practically nobody sitting around us, so plenty of leg room. The game was a tough one. Can't believe it was double over time with UAB, such a disgrace. But my Vols pulled out a win. I personally just enjoyed hanging with my parents, but a win was nice too. After the game we headed to dinner.   I got to finally enjoy some southern cooking, fried chicken, mac & cheese, and green beans. Then we ended the evening with some shopping. It was a great Saturday and I'm so sad to see the weekend come to a close. As now I have to head back to the library. Yuck! This week isn't as stressful, but two midterms are slowly approaching next week. Prayers please! Hope everyone had a  wonderful weekend!
My girls.

Our father-daughter annual picture.

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