Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall as arrived!

Today, fall officially arrived in my book. And what does that  mean? Starbucks finally restocked their pumpkin spice lattes, I wore a scarf, and there was crispness in the air. Yesiree I was happy. Never mind the dreary overcast might rain look outside. Oh no nothing was stopping me today. I couldn't help but smile on the way to classes. And not to mention the boy complimented me this morning. Who doesn't love being complimented at 7 a.m.?! So last night  I went out with L.C. as mentioned yesterday. Us and her friend Emily, both from my hometown area, met at Naples. Which was amazing! Not only was the decor super cute Italian, but the service was excellent as well. After enjoying my huge plate of spaghetti, at half price, and some delicious bread we made our way to Crossroads. Now, if you're living in the Knoxville area this is something you need to attend. Its every Monday night and it's an intense Bible study. Last night was on marriage. Its a new series we just started and I'm highly enjoying it, as like 99% of the population I plans on getting married some day. Ephesians 5:20-21 was our focus and God sure did pour into me. My eyes were opened to new aspects and I'm really excited about this series. Hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather!

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