Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life is Good.

Life is so good right now. Quick weekend recap. Saturday was the Florida game. The boy and family came in. I had an early meeting at Victoria Secret, back for a quick change, and time to meet the boys. After I got some things settled me and the boy went to play cornhole with the family. The boy surprised me, he's actually an excellent player! After eating a few snacks we headed over to the other side of campus for tailgating with my church. Our college pastor had the greatest invention for tailgaters.
A cupholder attached to the plate. And it was durable too! After tailgating we went to participate in the Vol Walk and welcome our players in. Then we met up with Franny & Reid for The Salute to The Hill. 

Franny & I

It was really enjoyable, although the heat was unbearable. We stopped for some drinks afterwards at Starbucks and back to the room to cool off a bit. The game started around 3:30 and we made our way to our seats. Although being seated in the upper level we still had a great seats. The heat was almost too much for us, we had to take cover in the shade for a bit. Even though our Vols lost, we still had a great time. Anytime spent with him is amazing. Saturday night was just spent in cooking dinner and studying a bit. This week is going well. Staying busy with classes and work. It's almost too much to handle at times, but I know God has my back. He can strengthen me and get me through anything. And I know His plan is so great for me that I fear nothing. Hope everyones week is going well. Tonight I'm enjoying One Tree Hill & Glee. This is making for one great night!

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