Friday, September 17, 2010

Florida Weekend

Sooo I haven't updated in what feels like forever and so much has happened I'm going to have to post a super blog later on. But anyways, Florida weekend has finally arrived! Which means dinner with my ladies tonight, tailgating & the big game tomorrow! The whole family and the boy are coming in early in the morning. The game does start at 3:30 so this means earlier tailgating. I haven't seen Dad or my brother in weeks, so visiting with them will be nice. Okay a recap of this week..

Monday- Had our first nutrition exam, which I aced! Then had homework and work monday night.
Tuesday- Super busy day! Had classes from 8-12:30 and then work from 1-5 and then a statistics exam from 6:30-8. And then had loads of homework to finish. 
Wednesday was awesome! Went to class, got some cleaning done, and met up with my study group for BCMB at Panera. This week I enjoyed a pumpkin muffie (muffin top). It was so delicious & put me in the fall food. My dear friend Meagan picked me up and we went to church. Dinner wednesday night was phenomenal as usual. Had my first pot roast, and loved it! After church I just got some more homework and studying done.
Thursday- The worst day of the week. Had class from 8-12:30 and then work from 1-5 and then my night class from 5:45-8:30. Not only was I wiped from work and the week I still had some much needed studying.

And now were almost got up to speed, I'll post about the GTKY retreat & Oregon game soon!

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