Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thats right. Just call me a machine. This week has been crazy fast! But I'm happy with it, that just means fall break is right around the corner. So, this week was filled with some tests, quizzes, meetings, and coffee of course. After a little freak out about some stats homework everything was good. I'm becoming to realized how blessed I am. Now, I know this sounds cliche, but I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have my boy, who is so close to God its inspirational to many, a family that loves like no other, and friends who pick me up even when I don't know I'm down. This has been the most blessed year. Last year, a struggle, this year, blissful. 
So tonight, premiere of Grey's Anatomy! Loved it! Can you imagine getting your face split right down the middle? It was so gross and I could barely watch. Normally I enjoy the gory stuff, weird I know, but tonight I wanted to vomit.  It was so nice to just sit on a couch, eat some homemade cookies, and enjoy each other's company. And getting closer to friends is always a plus. This weekend is parents weekend. So excited to spend some time with mom and dad. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!

Today's to-do list. Since, facebook fell off the internet for a good hour, all was accomplished before 5 p.m. As J. Trott would say," done and done". Love it! I've accomplished every list this week. Now just to keep it up! 

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