Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Oh wow! This weekend was a blur! Saturday involved some tailgating and loadsss of studying. No game for me though. Sunday (my favorite) was pure bliss. Met up with my boy super early, got some pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin scone. Then off to Dollywood with the fam.

 We had so much fun. And the weather was perfect. I love cool fall weather, but where its still slightly warm. We rode some rides, and then did a little shopping afterwards. It was way too short of a day though if you ask me. Monday was work and hanging with momma day. She came and visited with me here. After work we did a little shopping, got the cutest pink capris for like $10! Such good sales. We went and had dinner at Mimis, which is so yummy! Home cooked turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweetie tea. Then did some grocery shopping at Walmart. Yesterday was back to the grind. A day full of studying and then cycling class. I love cycling it gives you a good sweat! Doing the sprints at the end to "its tricky to rock.." is my favorite part! Well that was this past weekend in a nutshell. Oh today, my sweet sweet little friend S bought me this purity ring. And it has an inscription that wraps all the way around it and its about love. I absolutely love it! We met at Panera for our study group today, lets just say their espressos will you make you super awake! Yay!


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