Saturday, January 7, 2012

Passion 2012: Freedom

Well I must explain myself where I have been the past few days. On the 2 of January I picked up my & off to Atlanta we went with my church in Knoxville. We were #headedtothedome , the Georgia dome that is. No we weren't there to watch a football game, but to worship Jesus, & with 45,000 other college students to learn more about the word, human trafficking, & what we're doing with our lives. I'm going to a day by day break down, because I can't put it all into one post. So lets start with Day one :)

6:50 Arrive at my boy's house
7:15 Pull onto interstate
9:00 Arrive in Knoxville. We didn't have to be at my church till 9:45 so we cruised through some neighborhoods he's never seen and munched on Chik fil a mini buiscuits.
10:00 We all leave our church
The ride down was fun. We stopped along the way at the most swanky McDonalds I've ever been in. Made some jokes, and slept a little bit. Once we got closer to Atlanta we were pretty excited.
2:30 Unload van
3:00 I roomed with some pretty awesome ladies. One of which has been spending the past four months in Haiti. It was so wonderful catching up and hearing all of her tales.
4:00 Group Meeting
We then headed to the Marta and journeyed downtown. While our leader waited in the incredibly long line, we hunted for food and just hung around on the couches.
7:00 ish. We headed into the dome for the first session. Louie Giglio, who pretty much runs everything, opened the night up. This was when we got a glimpse of what human trafficking and 27 million slaves looks like. And how our generation could END slavery.
9:30 First community group meeting. I was part of the light pink group, & met people from all over the south.
11:00 Late night. That night was David Crowders last concert, EVER. Broke my heart. I wanted to cry as we had to leave the dome. We quickly had to leave and make a dash for the  Marta so as not to be stranded at 1 a.m. We made it back to the hotel, and immediately crashed. We had a big couple of next days ahead and rest is very important.

I'll be back with day two!!


  1. That sounds like an amazing event! I would love to do something like that someday.

  2. Sounds awesome! The college group at my church went. Also, a few friends from Alabama went. They had an amazing time!