Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lucky Lilly

On Friday I spent some time with my best friend from high school. After grabbing some mexican at our favorite restaurant we made a trip to TJ Maxx. And oh boy did we score lucky!! They had just received a new shipment & we scored some new Lilly things.

On the far left is the Essential life of Lilly. I had never seen nor heard of this book. It is so cute! On the inside is the story of Lilly, along with party hosting tips & recipes. I also got some new pencils and a notebook. My current Lilly notebook is almost completely full of sermons so it was time for a new one, and schools starts back next week, uggggh. So pencils were necessary.
Have you scored anything lately at TJ Maxx??

1 comment:

  1. sooo jealous of these lilly purchases! i've been looking for essentially lilly book at every tj maxx/marshalls and I can't get my hands on it! Great find!!