Friday, January 13, 2012

Its Ok Friday

Its Ok.. that it took me an entire day to organize all school supplies, syllabi, and my closet. I moved back on Tuesday and spent all of Wednesday preparing for classes on Thursday.

Its ok.. I ate the most amazing chicken fried rice made by Lean Cuisine. I know, I was shocked. I'm usually cautious to try asain inspired microwave meals because they tend to dry out.

Its ok.. that I have a countdown till when I can see my boy again, spring break, and my 21st birthday.

Its ok.. I've finally gotten back into the gym and have so much more energy! I need to be up early this semester for classes and work so the extra energy is wonderful.

Its okay.. that I finally have found a sweet nurse to shadow on Friday afternoons. I'm so excited about getting to know her and learning more about a nurse practioners career.

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