Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girls Night Out

Friday night our college ministry had separate girls and guys night socials. This social was by far one of the funnest!! All of the girls got together for a fun filled healthy night, yeah I know healthy should scare me away but this was great! We all arrived and chatted for a bit, had to catch up at the end of a long week. And then a lady at our church, who is a personal train & in her 2nd trimester!!, gave us a talk on how to properly exercise, what order we should do things in, and some exercise in confined areas. She had some really awesome tips with a stability ball and I can't wait to try them out. After that we all headed to do some zummmba!!!

We had so much fun doing this together! All of us were just giggling away and really enjoying the music. I know I will have to buy some of those songs too, because they were that fun. And it will most likely speed up my morning routine to have a little dance music going. After that we ate some delicious foods. I am now obsessed with Ken's Raspberry walnut dressing.

This is the icing of the cake to your salad!! Besides salad we also had sugar free muffins that were amazing!! All you need is your cake mix, an egg, a can of pumpkin and voila your done! Best part about these, they get more moist the longer they sit out. So three days later and they taste better! (also only 1 point for weight watchers so I was told) There were veggie bars, antioxidant drinks (I'm now obssed with diet cherry antioxidant 7up) and more. There wasn't something I didn't like which is weird coming from a picky eater like me. After munching we had two different info sessions, one for nutrition the other for beauty. I went to the beauty session where we did a demonstration for eye make up on me. Lemme tell you this girl knows her stuff! I've never gotten my eyes to look the way she made them. Also I tried out this lipgloss that matches to your skin tone, so it appears a different color on everyone, genius! We finished the night off with candling.

If you watch the Kardashians, its the same as the episode were they put a candle in Bruce's ear and all of the buildup comes out. This was totally fascinating yet incredibly gross as there was a lot of buildup. After the social some girls and I headed to get fro-yo. I mean come on, we had just been so healthy! And thanks to my wonderful eye makeup (and the computer freezing) mine was free. Hooray!! The night was so much fun, and I'm looking forward to putting into practice all the things I learned. What are some of your health & beauty tricks??