Friday, May 27, 2011

Kenny Chesney

Hello lovelies!!

Well, lets just say the past two days have been wonderful!! Wednesday morning I got up bright and early and may the trek to Knoxville to meet up with my dear friend sMb. We then traveled down to the deep south, Tuscaloosa, Alabama! I have never been to Alabama before and lets just say that I am in love now!! Everyone was so so so so nice and helpful to us. We had such a fun time. We went for the Kenny Chesney concert, which turned into a relief concert for Tuscaloosa. It was so great to be having a good time and giving to a good cause. Uncle Kracker opened up for Kenny and then Kenny played for around two hours. I would recommend seeing him in concert. Not only is hot, oh those muscles, he did such a great job!! We had amazing seats, and great company. It was a little sad to see the damage. A month later and there is still tons of debris laying around. I think the most scary thing was seeing metal just completely twisted around trees, terrifying! The University which went untouched, was gorgeous! I know I'm a Tennessee girl through and through, but oh my! This campus was spectacular and the nursing building you ask?! It was enough to make me call my mom and plead to let me transfer (which I'm not of course).  The overall road trip was the funniest yet. Nothing but laughter, good music, and Chik Fil A. Lets just say we can't wait to go back in the fall for the football game. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!!

the beginning of chik fil a

Finally made it!

Me & sBm

those muscles!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Kenny puts on an AMAZING CONCERT! He is one of my favorites! <3 Hope you have a great weekend!