Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iphone Review

Recently I made the switch from Blackberry to the iPhone. And holy moly I'm beyond pleased!!! I had the Blackberry Curve 8330, and I knew it was becoming outdated when the beau's Blackberry could update to 6.0 and mine wouldn't even go to 5.0. Sad day when I realized this. After some discussion with my mom, okay a little whining, she finally caved. We headed to Verizon on Friday to pay our monthly bill, and while mom took care of that I talked with someone about the differences in billing and the expense it would cost to upgrade. Well since I already had the data plan from my Blackberry, and my upgrade was available back in March, I only had to pay a little for the phone. Once I explained this to mom she replied with" Well, do you want one?".. (Previous to this we had been discussing going for milkshakes, so I thought she was talking about milkshakes and was slightly confused) But of course I was super thrilled and we got one right on the spot. Now I'm in love. If you're thinking about making the switch, do it! I've never had a phone run as smoothly or quickly. Needless to say the beau was a little jealous, but he just received a Kindle for graduation so I've been playing with that too. haha. What are some fun books we could download for the Kindle? Do you know of any must have apps I should get? Much love followers!


  1. I made the switch from the blackberry to the iphone, and I will NEVER go back. the blackberry doesn't even compare to anything the iphone is/has!!!I have some posts about iphone apps on my blog! and Im about to do another post seeing as I just downloaded a ton, so check it out!!!

  2. Wow this is great to see! I am a HUGE APPLE FAN... seriously they should pay me for how many people I have told about their products and they buy them-- Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones! Some people say the will never make the switch, but I truly think they would really like an iPhone.

    Some of my favorite apps
    Bible Verses, The Weather Channel, Pandora, Nike + iPod (if you like to run & have a chip for your shoe), Groupon, Epicurious, & BlogPress
    I am kind of boring, BUT they are great for everyday use & all FREE I think