Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Five

Hello Friday!!

Wow this week has absolutely flown by!
I finished up my internship last week and silly me thought this week would be nice and slow. Who am I kidding, I love being busy and fast paced.

1. I loooved getting to see Hunter Hayes last Friday night. Oh boy can he sing and entertain a crowd. Plus it doesn't hurt that he is super cute. It was so fun to go along with two great girl friends to my hometown and just enjoy the sights of being home. 

2. Poolside. Oh yes, I've finally gotten to lay by the pool some this week. The sun popped its sweet rays out and I've been soaking them up. Not having to work all day rocks! I take a good book, some sunscreen, and there I am for several hours.

3. Swim lessons. I had the pleasure of teaching the sweetest 8 year old boy to swim this past week. On Monday he couldn't do any strokes, by yesterday we were swimming laps, treading water, and going down the water slide. Amazing I tell ya!

4. Volleyball. I will never sick of playing volleyball. We had an exceptional group play the other night and it was fantastic! Afterwards we all walked down campus and jumped in the fountains. Something I've been wanting to do since arriving at UT. Wish I would've taken pictures but it was so dark out.

5. LAKE. Oh yes, today is beautiful, no rain in sight, and we are headed to the lake today! Can't wait to get out on the water with my friends, enjoy some sun, and have a fun night together.

Hope you had a great week!

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